Bloodied is awesome! Let’s make other builds better!

fallout 8 - Bloodied is awesome! Let's make other builds better!

Long post warning: tl:dr at the bottom.

First off I want to say clearly: I do not want Bloodied builds to be nerfed in any way. Bloodied is the epitome of high risk, high reward. You literally have to cripple your characters health to reap the rewards resulting in a "glass cannon" build which is perfectly normal and acceptable game design.

That said I think there's too much of a gap between bloodied and other builds which is why you see so many bloodied builds in the wild. It is the "go to" build and you cannot play for any length of time without running into players using it. The damage output is unrivaled.

Looking at other builds:


  • In fo4 you could get a 5.4x sneak attack multiplier.
  • This was nerfed to 3.5x in fo76 at night and 2.5x in the daytime.


  • In fo4 pistols had huge synnergies with critical hits as they consume very low amounts of AP allowing them to build up the crit bar very efficiently.
  • Fo76 nerfed crits in multiple ways most notably the ability to spam crits due to the removal of the "critical banker" perk.


  • In fo4 addictions were a LOT easier to acquire.
  • iirc the bonus to junkes damage for multiple addictions was higher than in fo76 though someone please correct me if I'm wrong.


  • This legendary effect is best with exactly 0 dr but lacks supporting perks and mutations like bloodied. Why is a similarly risky build so much worse?

So really the idea is to make the meta more diverse it's clear that we need some changes, and this is how I'd do it:

  1. Buff "Mister Sandman" so that it works 24/7 but only if the character is over 60% health. This would allow stealth builds to have their max 3.5x multiplier all day instead of just at night but it wouldn't synnergize with Bloodied due to the "only over x% health" The flavor text can reflect this "Highly trained operatives are deadly with silenced weapons but only when in top condition"
  2. Add critical banker back into the game but with the exception that it only works "over 60% health". This would renew the viability of crit builds and again avoid the problem of further empowering bloodied builds.
    1. I'd also insure that pistols fill the crit bar faster and get an innate rebate to crit bar consumption so this weapon type can be more useful in general.
  3. Make addictions easier to acquire and last longer unless you have perks to defend against them, making "junkies" builds better. After all addictions carry negative effects so there's a sacrifice required to obtain the benefit.
  4. Increase the max damage of "barbarians" so the damage is higher with 0 dr as this is a highly risky playstyle similar to bloodied but without any supporting perks like radicool, idiot savant, etc and mutation synergy in adrenal reaction.
    1. Maybe add in a mutation or perk that grants bonuses the lower your dr to further help this playstyle.
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Presto, you would now have 4 options in addition to bloodied. Bloodied should still be the alpha damage build but crits, junkies, berserkers and sneak attacks would all be strong with their own benefits.

TL:DR: builds that use stealth, crits, Addictions, and low or 0 DR should be buffed to make them stronger.

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