BoS Silo Sabatoge: Giving the Existing Endgame Factions Meaning

fallout 8 - BoS Silo Sabatoge: Giving the Existing Endgame Factions Meaning

So we all know the SBQ event by now and how that falls in line with the Enclaves Faction. Now I think I have a lore friendly and engaging way to satisfy people wanting more BoS.

Part 1: Changes to Countdown Alpha/Bravo/Charlie
Have Modus announce that an Enclave Agent has begun infiltration of a bunker (server wide event announcement to all Members) and make that Silo have an event marker on the map that people can fast travel to join. Make the Countdown mission an event in the form of people not being able to deal damage to other people in the event, etc. This will also have the side effect of letting more solo oriented players still at least be a part of launching a nuke. Also update the final I Am Become Death Quest to only require completing the Countdown "Event". (SBQ Drop still optional etc)


Part 2: BoS Silo Sabatoge
At the same time any Countdown Event Starts any members of the BoS who have completed Belly of the Beast should get a different server wide announcement stating that one of the Silo Sites has been compromised by Unknown Hostiles and a separate event should be displayed on the Map. Members of both factions should get both announcements and be able to choose which event to take part in. This separate Silo Sabotage event would take the BoS members through a different part of the silo attempting to sabotage the silo site to prevent a nuclear launch. It is important to note that these places should at no point allow for either faction ever actually seeing the other but should be a PVE "Race" to complete the objectives. As one faction completes its corresponding objectives a progress announcement should play over the silo intercom. Should a Silo be successfully compromised before a nuke can be launched it should put the silo into its lock-down phase to construct a new missile. Should the Enclave successfully launch the nuke it carries on as normal (SBQ/Whitesprings/Nuked Flora/etc). At no time should members of either faction be flagged for PVP for any of this (unless maybe on Survival Mode)

Part 3: Enclave Retaliation Event
If the BoS team successfully sabotages the site the Enclave should launch a retaliatory strike against Fort Defiance thus spawning another SBQ level event. This event could be a beefed up version of Line in the Sand instead featuring Vertibots, Enclave Robots, Periodic Orbital Strikes, The absolute might that the Enclave can wield right now in Appalachia. This event similar to SBQ would be open to all players daring enough to show up. Again at no time should members of either faction be flagged for PVP for any of this.

Thank you for your time

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