Boss idea: Twin-Tail! Enclave’s Little Terror.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Boss idea: Twin-Tail! Enclave’s Little Terror.

Just realized that title reads like a Zelda Boss. Anyways.

Twin-Tail is an Enclave experiment gone horribly wrong for us. But perfect for the Enclave Research Division. Big as a 3×4 camp plot. She is a massive queen radscorpion and pregnant. Or goal is to venture down into the burrow and take her out before she can release more abominations. Basically she’s really large blue version of the Radscorpion we find the Enclave lab in Steel dawn. This ERD has gone rouge from Our Enclave in Appalachia in the pursuit of making the perfect radscorpion specimen.

The boss lair is more akin to a raid. There are 3 stages to complete before fighting her.

Stage one entering the Enclave lab. (Different than the one we go to. The goal is defend against bots while we destroy rouge Enclave data and computers that belonged to SODUS. Once that is completed we move on the caverns.

In the caverns we fight off blue radscorpions while we find C4 (new explosive throwing weapon) to blow a hole into the next zone.

Here we destroy radscorpion egg clutches while stopping more robots from harvesting them.

Finally we drop down to fight the queen.

Twin-Tail is tough. Near perfect resistances, fire, explosive, energy, ballistic, you name it. And she has a super tough exo skeleton system. It gives her 90% damage mitigation’s. Inside the room is a massive pile driver that a player must activate to fire a rod straight at her. The other players must lure her to the spot to pin her against the wall.

The pile driver must be filled with high yield ultracite chunks that are brought in by Mr. Handy’s. Once Twin-Tail is pinned she temporarily loses her 90% mitigation’s and is able to be damaged. After 3 successful pins she will permanently lose her mitigation’s and can be killed normally. However Twin-Tail since was made better by Enclave experiments she can mutate 3 times.


Upon killing her you are rewarded with boss loot. Guarantee 3 star item, ammo based on what you used, flux, some legendary modules and improved repair kits. And once the quest is completed you can receive one of 4 rewards.

Radscorpion shawl: a neck apparel piece. Offers no protection but has a chance to poison melee attackers and comes with a tier 2 chameleon effect.

Enclave Operative Rife: a WW2 rifle that features post war parts. Fires .45 or .308. Completely silent but will always poison a target.

Mother’s Touch: a Power Fist with Twin-Tail’s tails mounted to it. Each hit with it has a chance to paralyze your target. Paralyzed targets take 15% more damage for the stunned time.

Enclave Bio Rifle: a 5.56 high speed rifle that fires toxin covered rounds that when coming into contact with flesh has a chance to make other nearby creature s attack it.

In addition players will always receive the C4 plan and detonator. C4 will act like a frag mine but needs to be manually detonated. Can be detonated in the air if quick enough to swap out.

Also will receive the Enclave Covert Operator’s Vest. The vest contains throwing knives, bottles of poison, ties, gun magazines, stimpaks and other things you would bring out to a night time operation. Is just a appeal piece.

The C4 and Vest will be unlocked the first time you complete the lab and cave objectives for tracking down Twin-Tail.

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