Bought FO76 after day 1 into trial

fallout 6 - Bought FO76 after day 1 into trial

So, here is yet another "I was weary about FO76 at first" thread I guess. I was a huge fan of FO4, and when we were told that there would be no real story mode I became disinterested. Just another game where people would just run around killing people who were trying to enjoy the Fallout world with their friends, or even by themselves. As much as I loved fallout 4, it was killing me not to buy the game because I love the stories. Case in point, I did not buy Blackops 4 because there was no campaign. Yes, I'm that one asshole who buys the COD games just for the campaign, multiplayer is whatever for me. LOL.

Then, Bethesda graced us with a free trial week. Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play the game for free. So I gave it a shot. A buddy of mine downloaded it as well. So we got on, and started running around together. Getting a feel for the game, getting a feel for how players were, and I have to say, I was EXTREMELY surprised. The initial overflow of the "everyone just goes and kills each other, the higher levels show lower guys no mercy, blah blah blah" was almost non existent. Actually, I have yet to come across ANYONE who decided to just shoot at us or me just to do it. A few times I would run into someone and think oh no here we go, and I would be surprised as they kind of just left me alone. One guy who was level like 174 or something saw my pathetic level 10 just today and jumped for my attention and gave me glowing blood I think it was?


I bought the game the first day after the first trial. I saw that it was on sale for 29.99 for the regular version and 39.99 for the tricentennial edition, so I decided to go with that one, especially where they announced everything coming to us this year. I couldn't stomach purchasing the game for the full amount and risk not liking it, and feeling like I wasted the money and everything.

The community has been great so far, I love how people more or less just go to play the game and enjoy it rather than trying to ruin anyone else's gaming. So, thank you to the existing FO76 players who see us newbloods on the servers and do not just make the game not enjoyable for us. By allowing us to just, be, you give us the opportunity to see how amazing this game truly is, and everything that it can be. Don't be afraid to say hi if you see me on a server, I promise I am not looking for PVP. Just grinding out and making this the best experience I can get. Yeah!

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