Breaking news: worldwide canvas shortage of 2018 finally over

fallout 1 - Breaking news: worldwide canvas shortage of 2018 finally over

Looks like Bethesda pick-locked a safe and found the world’s supply of canvas brcause now there’s enough for everyone apparently!


Who would’ve thought that canvas was so easy to find once you have a potential class action lawsuit hovering over you?!

I know for sure that once these replacements arrive people are going to be looking at them through a microscope to ensure they are actually canvas. They better not fu*k it up again because the quality of these bags will be the make or break moment for getting any trust back at all.

Yes, Bethesda did the right thing. But at the same time, does this really change anything? I personally don’t think so. This “please don’t sue us” reaction is purely to save their own ass. They still lied to us. They intentionally did not tell us about the material swap in hope that no one would speak up. They didn’t apologize at all in that tweet above. They might as well have said “here, take your canvas bag and fu*k off”.

It’s definitely a step in the right direction but they have burnt the bridge for many many fallout fans who will now have a hard time trying to trust BGS again.. that’s if we can trust them at all! I know for sure I will not be pre-ordering any Bethesda game in the future. And it’s is sad because Bethesda games are the only ones I ever did pre-order.

What are your thoughts on this obvious knee-jerk reaction from Bethesda’s legal team? Do you forgive them? Does this make it all better? Will you be claiming the canvas bag or are you going for a refund?

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