Bring back energy weapon builds

fallout 8 - Bring back energy weapon builds

I miss the days of energy weapons being powerhouses with the right specs onto your character. Compared to the old days energy weapons feel more like a aesthetic choice rather than a tactical option or the main weapon of choice for the proper build. Simply buffing the damage and fixing their terrible hit detection would be a great step in the right direction but I’d love to see more done with them such as new gameplay quirks and maybe even some new intelligence perks to go along with them. These are my thoughts and ideas I’ve conjured up just to get the ball rolling. (Mind you these are baseline ideas, I’m going to throw stat changes out there but not give specific numbers or anything like that.)

Laser weapons, from Gatling to the classic: ————————————————————— 1)- durability: Outside of fixes for hit detection and a general buff to damage output (which I’ll go into more) I’d love to see our beloved laser weapons with a massive boost to durability. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a laser rifle crumble apart in your hands after two measly skirmishes in a world abundant with tanky enemies. it’s outright ridiculous at times and makes certain variants of laser guns completely useless such as a scatter laser. weapons break very fast in this game (even with perks) and its made even worse with laser weapons, unless they add weapon repair kits something needs to be done about their durability. If you ask me I think laser weapons should be on the weaker side but have a long, durable runtime to compensate for it. For those worried about balance I think that if they made the repair requirements higher that’d be a good way to offset the insane durability boost! 2)- damage: Laser guns in fallout both in game and in the lore were never meant to outright replace conventional firearms, but rather they were supposed to be an alternate approach to combat scenarios and provide a variety of utilitarian bonuses. In the sake of Fo4 and Fo76 they are very easy to carry, their ammo is light as a feather, and are very customizable. On paper this is fantastic but in practice it’s not enough to make them as great as they should be due to the way damage resistance works now. My idea is simple though likely controversial; give all laser weapons a new passive effect, give them a lesser form of the ‘furious’ modifier. Yes you heard me! I think the damage of laser weapons in 76 is so laughable because a great many enemies have energy resistance and the naturally low damage they have. initially the idea I had was to give them armor penetration but making each shot do more damage seems to make much more sense to me. (You are essentially burning away your victim in microseconds so I don’t see why this can’t be implemented for logical reasons.) The goal behind this quirk is to make laser weaponry unique amongst its counterparts and to reward players for consistent shots without encroaching too much on territory other weapons could cover. You’ll see me say this a lot but Laser guns of all kinds NEED to be utilitarian because they are mid tier weapons, they need some sort of edge to make them hard to put down and I believe the before mentioned changes could be a good step in the right direction. (If implemented properly)

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Plasma, why is plasma still broken anyways: —————————————————————— I’m sorry to say that I really don’t have much to say about our favorite slag throwers, I can’t really give much in terms of ideas considering how THEY STILL DON’T WORK. This is honestly depressing as they’re supposed to be the endgame energy gun and yet since the beta you’re better off using them as rave party glowstick dispensers is a night light. The only suggestion I have for our gooifying blasters is to give them natural armor penetration or something akin to the slag effect in borderlands. (For those that don’t know slagging an enemy in borderlands makes them weaker to all forms of attack.) The reason I think it’d be nice seeing this effect with plasma is to make it a very supportive tool that can help you and your fellow vault dwellers drop targets.

Perks for Intelligence and luck: ——————————————— Outside from a typical boring perkcard you’d see in 76 like “energy weapon damage increased by 30%” I’d love to see the return of some classics like, laser commander, plasma spaz, meltdown, and cyborg. (For those who don’t know and are curious I highly recommend that you look up those perks) The previously mentioned “furious effect” and armor penetration could be perks in the intelligence free of the devs didn’t want to apply them naturally to the before mentioned energy guns. The skies the limit when it comes to perks for these beautiful instruments of destruction!

End statement: ———————— I’m a huge fan of energy weapons in fallout as not many other games have had such unique takes on sci-fi death dealers, it personally bothers me that they aren’t what they used to be and that we can’t even make energy weapon builds anymore. As you can see I like the idea of energy weapons being as utilitarian as possible. I’m really sorry if I came off as pushy towards this idea but with how expensive, rare, and costly energy weapons and their ammo is it seems only fair to make them have other unique positive quirks to offset their drawbacks. In the same breath it’s a terrible shame that such weapons are overlooked by many since they lack perks to properly promote their usage, it’s a real shame. I’ve committed myself to using them in both Fo4 and Fo76 and it’s a drag at times because of how weak they can be a lot of the time. The goal and My reasoning behind all of this is to bring this issue to the light and try to make energy weapons (at the very least) tactically useful and fun again. Thank you for reading, feel free to throw your hat in the ring and throw some ideas out there yourself!

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