Bring back Repair Kits from New Vegas

fallout 6 - Bring back Repair Kits from New Vegas

So I think we've all had this happen to us and some point: You're running around, exploring some new area or looting some place you know has some good stuff. You're trudging through the mobs, hackin' and whackin' and smackin'. Then, suddenly, your trusty axe or shotgun or what have you breaks. Now you probably have backups but that was your main weapon damn it! And sure there's a Weapon Bench down the road but there's no STASH there which means you don't have the materials you need. If only there was some way to repair it on the fly…

This is why Repair Kits should make a comeback. Players could craft Armor, Power Armor, and Weapon Repair Kits. When crafting the Kit you'd have to chose a level for the Kit and the level would dictate what materials would be used with higher levels requiring more and rarer materials. Furthermore players could only use a same level Kit or higher on the item they're trying to repair. This would make sure players aren't crafting a Power Armor Repair Kit for some Duct Tape and Scrap Metal and using it on a piece of armor that normally costs Ultracite and Black Titanium to repair.

Repair Kits would free players from having to make so many trips back to CAMP and allow them to stay out exploring longer. And the longer players can be out and about the more likely those fun player interactions are to happen.

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