Bring Danger Back to the Wasteland Bethesda!

fallout 3 - Bring Danger Back to the Wasteland Bethesda!

A comprehensive list of ideas/suggestions to enemies that I think would make FO 76 experience much more better and immersive and dangerous! (feel free to post suggestions that you'd like Bethesda to see)


– as one of the if not THE biggest enemy in game it stands nobody should be having a easy time soloing them let alone with melee. Behemoths should only be attacked with ranged weapons if you plan on surviving.

Add a rag doll attack and radiation aura and increased limb damage , if you don't have PA with a jetpack or Marsupial you should be in for a lot of trouble

why rag doll? Well one it's the biggest enemy in game, and the danger of rag doll will equalize encounters and add the risk of aggroing nearby enemies making it difficult for solo players unless they clear the area stealthily before engaging or bring allies


-Why does an apex predator, announce it's presence when it sees you? A real Apex predator will be within striking distance before you even know it's there. The Deathclaw is the signature enemy of Fallout, and he needs a lot of work if he's going to be taken seriously again.

Remove the Roar if isn't fired on before it sees you and give make their roar give them a speed/armor boost and increase their detection range so they start seeing the players first more often.

All Deathclaws should inflict MASSIVE bleeding damage if their claws can cut through power armor right? their ranged rock throw attack right now is useless/place holder for attacking people standing on stuff they can't reach, make it stumble the player so it can actually close distance without being fired upon and knock people off objects. Increase run speed so you can't out sprint them without speed demon. Bring back Chameleon Deathclaws (Stealth boyed Deathclaws) as a Random encounter at least.

Right now Yao Guais are much more dangerous because they can stunlock players with the stumble which I think is perfectly fine but every time I see a Yao Guai kill a Deathclaw my irradiated heart breaks a little inside.


seeing as this enemy is more a specialty and shows up in far less areas then most it should have its threat amped up and also personify the region it's showcased in. I.E Toxic Valley

Given they ooze toxic waste of some sort and spit acid, Snallygaster's Acid spit and Tongue attacks should deal INCREASED durability damage to armor/power armor. This will change them from just being another mob to something you may want to actively avoid fighting or risk getting your freshly repaired armor melted into goo and leaving you at a severe disadvantadge.


these enemies given their inherent nature should be tougher to deal with in close quarters given the fact that their all steel and metal. How am I breaking an assaultron with a boxing glove? My boxing glove or even arm should be breaking.

All robots should do increased durability damage to melee weapons used against them, You wanna run up to a sentry bot or assaultron and kill it with brass knuckles or a golf club? you must have low INT.

and as bonus no more Bloodied builds soloing the entire whitespring staff with melee weapons.

Possibly thinking that attacking robots with fist weapons will cause arm limb damage

(You ever punched something made of steel?)


I feel like these enemies should really expand on the poison mechanic more, not just damage over time but STAMINA damage over time.

Make poison damage drain AP over time

If you these nasty buggers get close enough for you to be stung/bitten, toxins should cause your body to go into shock or some kind of allergic reaction which keeps you from running. Suddenly getting swarmed by Blood bugs and Sting wings or being ambushed by a radscoprion is terrifying if you're not in a protective cocoon of power armor.



The name LURK is in their name! These guys should be really exhibit the ambush predator behavior, I should never see a mirelurk kill claw just walking around aimlessly being easy pickings for VATS, and if there are mirelurks around I should be worried about what put them there. I should be extremely paranoid around any large body of water of a Queen sleeping there. Similar to robots they have a hard shell EXCEPT the King/Baby mirelurks. Give them increased durability damage against melee weapons that hit them.

Have Mirelurks burrowed more often and remove the abillity to VATS on them while their burrowed or at least require a perception of at least 6 or even tie it in with the Awareness perk. The only mirelurks that should be wandering around are baby mirelurks that aren't big or strong enough to burrow and stick around the nest and Kings/Fogcrawlers that stay above ground to protect them. Engaging one should extremely risky not because their strong by themselves, but you're not sure how many are burrowed nearby. Make watery areas high risk zones instead of a safety net. Make players think twice before diving into a river and swimming down because their might be a Queen/King sitting at the bottom of the river bed with the abillity to hurt me while I'm swimming whereas the rest of the mirelurks need me to be on land to walk up and hit me. Even possibly add Fog Crawlers walking along the bottom which can aggro and chase me as I get back onto land me before I realize why the combat music has started.


you know what's scarier then a ghoul? A ghoul that's intelligent.

Make certain variants of Wendigos more quiet give certain Ghouls a different hit and run attack instead of just tripping over and falling.

Similar to the Deathclaw don't make the Wendigo announce it's presence when it detects an enemy and give them bleed damage. That alone will amplify their already terrifying appearance. Reavers/Stalkers and other higher level variants of ghouls should have a new attack animation that doesn't leave them slowly getting up after diving at you, give them a different kind of tackle that stumbles the player and lets them run off afterwards and leaves the player open to being swarmed by other low level ghouls while they run away and and attempt to blind side the player with another tackle.


-Double the radiation damage taken from Glowing enemies so Rad-X becomes more valuable

-Puncturing/Piercing weapons don't take double durability damage against Robots and Mirelurk shells

-Powerarmor prevents rag dolling and protects against poison and disease damage and until it's broken

-Mirelurk Queen Acid (maybe Grafton Monster?) also does durability damage like the Snallygaster

-Scorchbeasts/Sheepsquatch/Deathclaw/Sentrybot possibly have rag doll added to certain variation of their attacks

I.E The Headbutt attacks for Sheepsquatch and Deathclaw. The Forward Charge attack for Sentrybot and Scorchbeasts

-Scorch Beasts/Queen Gas attack does poison/stamina damage (gas mask negates this)

-Modify certain existing perks to become relevant to these changes such as

Awareness allows enemies burrowed in ground to be targeted by V.A.T.S

Blocker Perk maxed out prevents rag dolling.

Vaccinated reduces poison stamina damage by X%

Dodgy perk Maxed out player begins recovering from rag doll immediatly instead of after hitting ground

I feel like these changes would definitely switch up how players interact with the world and also be more immersive and dangerous and instead of every single encounter being monotonous, would add different benefits and risks to what kind of equipment and weapons people use, hope you enjoyed my suggestions Bethesda!

Heres to a more terrifying Wasteland!

LoneVaultWanderer - Bring Danger Back to the Wasteland Bethesda!



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