Broken CAMP system leads to 1200/600 in stash

fallout 4 - Broken CAMP system leads to 1200/600 in stash

There's something wrong with the camp system, and I don't really understand all the aspects of it, but I suddenly had hundreds of stored plants of multiple kinds. Really I had TONS (10-50 usually) of all the different things I have built, much more than I ever actually built in the first place, it's not specific to plants, but those are the most dramatic as I have like 400 of each now. I certainly didn't plant hundreds of plants, much less store them, and they weren't in my stored category previously. This compounds with the bug that your camp budget counts stored items against it (stupidly), so I couldn't build anything beyond what I already had, and even if I scrapped or stored something that was already built, I couldn't replace it with anything, as my budget was still apparently maxed (over maxed?).

So I began the long arduous arthritis inducing process of scrapping all of these hundreds of extra stored built items (1 at a time mind you, another dumbass mechanic). This took a long time, and crashed the server at the end. What I had done did luckily persist to the next server though, and when I came back in and looked at my stash, it was at 1200/600.


I used all my plastic to bulk all of the fertilizer. Wiped out every vendor faction of all of their caps, made as much adhesive with the plants as my purified water could keep up with, gave away 150 veggies to a random passerby, and I still have hundreds of veggies and am still hundreds of pounds over 600 in the stash. I've been careful not to remove them from the stash so that my character isn't over encumbered, because i'd never be able to put them back into the stash, but I don't really want to have my next 10 game days be nothing but making starch for adhesive and selling to vendors who get wiped out far too easily, so I'll probably just drop a few hundred veggies once i'm triggered enough, and i'm very nearly there.

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I have pics and video of this… not trying to put any more effort into this than I already have though.

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