Buff Shotguns and Rifleman Sniper Weapons to make them competitive with Heavy guns and Commando

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Buff Shotguns and Rifleman Sniper Weapons to make them competitive with Heavy guns and Commando

Shotguns Base damages before(B) and after(A) buff

Combat Shotgun –

B- 90

A- 135

Double Barrel Shotgun



Pump Action Shotgun



Gauss Shotgun

This gun is a bit wacky , with doing 120% (8 * 15% from default Gauss) extra explosive damage which doesn't make them do much with their non explosive damage

GwZkheg - Buff Shotguns and Rifleman Sniper Weapons to make them competitive with Heavy guns and Commando


My guess is that it does about 105 non explosive damage according to the wiki with rest of the damage being explosive in the pipboy. So that's 105 non explosive and 126 explosive.

Suggested solution- Reduce explosive from 120% to 20% (2.5% * 8)

Buff non Explosive 105 by 230% equating to 242 non explosive part

B- 105

A- 242

Justification for large increase is because this weapon is very very difficult to obtain and that doesn't include the legendary module grind which could take forever to get the perfect roll. These weapons are also untradeable which makes it even more harder. (Ward, WARD EVERYWHERE)

The Gauss rifle has a double base damage (non explosive) compared to the hunting rifle while the Gauss pistol too has a similar base damage x2 increase as well.

By making the Gauss shotty this way, it would be possible to use it in Queen/Wendigo Colossus fights and allow for a competitive DPS with Heavy Gunner and Commando. More importantly, everyone will be happy

Add Armor Penetration perk to because most of these guns don't have an Armor magazine , give it a 75% armour penetration because majority of the damage is split by 8 pellets and due to the way damage resistance works, each pellet's individual damage is soaked by a lot by Queen and Earl .


Rifleman Weapons Before(B) and After(A)

The lever action and Hunting rifle struggle to keep up with semi auto handmade and semi auto fixers which is unusual because they are specialised semi auto weapons and should out dps them. The hunting rifle has the same damage base to a pipe bolt action which is stupid and a Bow has even more damage than a hunting rifle (Bow-90 Hunting rifle-70 Compound Bow-100)

Lever Action

B- 75

A- 113

Hunting rifle

B- 70

A- 105

Gauss rifle

B- 140 (non ballistic)

A- 210 (non balistic)

Although this gun is alright, it would be unfair to leave it and buff other weapons leaving it behind in the dust, so a buff is suggested plus it only has 5 rounds compared to the Gauss pistol that can hold upto 27 with drum magazine. The Gauss rifle can be something more but is ignored because it is behind auto weapons. If this is too much to ask, then just introduce a new Gauss rifle and call it the "Enclave Gauss rifle" or "Covert Gauss rifle" with the same damage buff.


for wacky gauss behaviour

Fallout Wiki | Fandom for base damages of weapons listed and compared too.

There are problems with the pistols in this game as well and I will make a separate post about them once I've used more of them to make proper conclusions

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