[bug] A Comprehensive List of Current Bugs and Needed Quality of Life Improvements

fallout 6 - [bug] A Comprehensive List of Current Bugs and Needed Quality of Life Improvements

**Comprehensive list of bugs and essential quality of life fixes that this game needs addressed.**

With the wastelanders release around the corner, I can't help but fear just how unplayable this game is going to be since the following bugs have been out forever and have remained unaddressed:

*Not being able to fast travel reliably

+Gatling plasma not spinning up

+Gatling plasma creating tons of half used cores in inventory

+Gun wont fire unless unequipped and re-equipped, sometimes doesn't even fix it.

+speed demon faster reload ability bugs out when entering/exiting power armor, can be fixed by applying a faster reload card and unseating it, this bug, if cards not reseated, causes weapons to reload 3 times slower.

+Respawn glitch, if you die at the end of an event, player is unable to respawn and loses all potential remaining loot on the ground. Player is forced to kill the game and restart.

+dying immediately after a queen run, the game deletes your stabilized flux from your loot bag.

+covert operative and sandman perk cards need to be reseated upon each load into a server to get proper damage.

+drum mag on handmades provide less ammo than other clips (when this came out bethesda claimed to have finally fixed what wasn't broken)

+piercing ammo clips don't add additional damage

+shadowed mods on armor only work on leather

+pip boy display glitch, first person view gets all distorted and has to kill game to be able to see anything properly

+constant dashboarding when doing anything in game but seems to occur more often in events

+trade glitch, user cannot open trade menu with another until he leaves the area, joins an event and leaves it and comes back, this bug is so annoying that most times even completely killing the game doesn't even resolve it.

+Option to switch characters is completely missing if you switch accounts, this can be resolved by killing game and relaunching.

+Audio glitch, sometimes other players weapons sound like they are constantly firing, this one is painful to listen to.

+Stangler heart power armor, visual poison effect, seizes game clients and causes people to freeze and/or dashboard, this is especially bad during queen runs.

+Consumption of radaway and or food lags and does not update visually on client extremely often.

+legendary enemies dissapear after killing, bodies end up under the map, or in the sky or just… i honestly dont know where the hell they go anymore but it fking sucks.

+enemies glitched, theyre alive, can be vatsed, dont take damage, dont die just sit there.

+vats is broken, i can sometimes empty an entire clip at 95% vats hit chance and not land a single bullet

+hits not registering on enemies in both melee and ranged weapons.

+NEW: since last patch , loot on enemies is randomly not visible, but opening a transfer window can display them. occasionally, opening said window crashes game.

Theres about 8 more bugs i know of that I'm not going to report because I enjoy them and wish to not have them patched.

Ok now lets move onto quality of life things that have been requested forever. A lot of these items are simple easy fixes that would make gameplay much more pleasant that should have been addressed long before they dared to dream of creating a wastelanders update:


*Allow us to cash in more script daily, 150 script can be maxed out in 20 minutes, we desire more script…. most of us make more characters and have to do this tedious item transfer, character switch, server hopping bs that is honestly starting to make us think bethesda doesn't care anymore.

+If you can't fix 250 dmg resistance while reloading, then why the eff do we still get it in rolls? RNG is bad enough, 60,000 script at the purveyor and still don't have the gun I want, for the love of god please remove the following useless stars: assaultron heads, bashing damage, 250dmg while reloading, pipe wrench , pool que, single action revolver, wood armor

+Improve our RNG odds, getting a 1 star off a 3 star legendary sucks, nobody likes it, change it if you like us, if you hate us keep it the same but maybe reply to this post and just tell us exactly how much you hate us so we can stop wondering.

+perk cards system: nobody wants to flip on ammosmith and super duper to craft ammo, we've asked for passive perks dozens of times, we've asked to be able to switch out entire sets of perk cards, anyways this area needs improvement and has seen at least 4-5 posts a week about it since game launch, enough said.

+Stop deleting our caps, if we're max caps, don't allow an item to be sold from our machines, stop taking a 10% cut from sales that do go through… stop deleting our caps.

+improve the trading system, allow an item to be traded for another item or items… See diablo 2 from 20 years ago, Entire communities have ban lists from scammers constantly taking advantage of people because you just don't care to implement proper trading.

+Increase cap limits so people can trade high end items for caps again, no godroll guns are worth under 25k(max trade limit). So what does that leave us? Go get ripped off that's where that leaves us.

+stop giving us missiles as quest rewards, if i wanted a slap in the face i'd ask.

+Put fallout 1st boxes at train stations

+bases loading in should override fallout 1st tents.

I'm sure there's stuff i missed here but this is about all the amount of time I'm willing to spend on this post. I'm not proofreading and fully intend for there to be mistakes.

The success of this post in itself will be my personal measurement of this community's intelligence. I fully expect this to tank, and for these bugs to remain unfixed and for this post to be quickly replaced by posts of perfectly preserved pies. I have seen several mentions of what i found to be smart people talking about things that made sense claiming to feel like they're being downvoated by bots so who knows?

EDIT: MOST IMPORTANTLY: Bethesda fixed the atom shop glitch like 48 hrs after it hit youtube. We know they can fix things fast, especially when they are losing money. The sad part is, they don't see that they're losing the long term financial gain by not improving the quality of life.

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