Bug: Grenadier Perk Has No Effect on Grenade Blast Radius

fallout 7 - Bug: Grenadier Perk Has No Effect on Grenade Blast Radius

I'd been keeping the Grenadier equipped for months, until I stumbled across a note in the Fallout 76 Fandom.com Wiki mentioning that the perk is broken across all platforms. That wiki is sporadically updated and sometimes mistaken, though. Google searches yielded conflicting reports, so I did some testing with grenades on my own.

TL;DR: Confirmed by testing- Grenadier has no effect on grenade radius. Limited testing showed same for explosive launching weapons and mines. Can anyone corroborate?

EDIT 2021-03-24, 6:45pm CST: I was a little concerned about some variables, so I did some more testing. See the italicized entries below.

TL;DR Edit: Confirmed Grenadier at 1 Star level also has no effect. Confirmed no difference in behavior for Grenadier for indoor and outdoor locations. Tested grenade launcher, also no effect.

Testing method:

  • Found a spot where I could repeatably throw grenades into a corner without bouncing.
  • Unequipped the perk
  • Threw grenades repeatedly until I found the edge of the blast radius, where I no longer took damage.
  • Equipped 2-star Grenadier perk.
  • Stayed in same location determined above and threw grenades again.
  • Took a small step forward (a bit inside the blast radius) and tried again to check for increased damage with perk enabled.

Following is what I found after testing each of the below several times. "No effect" means no apparent difference in blast radius or damage.

  • Molotov Cocktail: No effect
  • Frag Grenade: No effect
  • MIRV Frag Grenade: No effect
  • Plasma Grenade: No effect
  • Floater Freezer Grenade: No effect
  • Dynamite Bundle: No effect (does have larger blast radius than many other grenades, though).
  • Nuka Quantum Grenade: No effect (similar blast radius to Dynamite Bundle)
  • Fragmentation Mine (set off with non-legendary gun): No effect
  • Non-Legendary Missile Launcher: No effect
  • Pistol with Explosive Legendary Effect: No effect, as Multiple

    have confirmed.
  • Unequipped and Re-Equipped Perk repeatedly, testing each time with Frag Grenades: No effect.
  • Tested unequipped, equipped perk, changed clothing, dropped some scrap, repeated testing with Plasma Grenades: No effect. Hoped to trigger a character update.
  • Tested without perk, marked edge of radius, equipped perk, fast traveled twice, returned and tested with perk: No effect with frag grenade, missile launcher, frag mine (wondered if it was a glitch with detecting the perk itself)
  • Moved testing location outdoors (previously in a Shelter), retested with frag grenades, plasma grenades, dynamite bundles: No effect.
  • Tested with a non-legendary M79 Grenade Launcher (outdoors): No effect.
  • Purchased a 1 Star Grenadier Perk Card (in case it was just 2 star that was broken). Retested with frag grenades, plasma grenades, dynamite bundles, M79 Grenade Launcher: No effect.

Result? No effect at all! The grenades behaved exactly the same whether the perk is used or not. It's possible the effect was small enough to not be noticeable, I suppose, but it's certainly not the advertised doubled blast radius.

People have discovered that it does

. (I didn't test that one myself.) Surely that one unintended effect isn't the only thing Grenadier works on in the game! Anyone else been able to confirm that Grenadier works on anything else?

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