Bugs robbing me of my time are really getting to me

fallout 7 - Bugs robbing me of my time are really getting to me

I just spent over an hour tediously collecting the components to make four stabilized cobalt fluxes to put shielded lining in my vault suit. Finishing up and about go back to a crafting station, my client crashed. Oh well, at least I could log back in and continue, right? No.

Apparently something killed me before the server timed out my session, so when I logged back in, I had no junk. That meant all of the raw cobalt flux and glowing masses I had couldn't be combined with the hardened masses I'd collected, because the hardened masses were junk and thus sitting in a paper bag on my previous server.

I server-hopped for a while, hoping to find a world with a nuke zone so I could get some more hardened masses before the raw flux turned into inert flux, but no luck, and now all I have for my time is some very heavy refreshments.


I hate this game. I really do. Bad enough it wanted me to grind like this for what is ultimately not a huge upgrade over the resistant lining I already had, but to take the results of that grind away from me at the last minute with incompetent programming just kills me. And it's not like this kind of thing doesn't happen every day, too, just maybe not this bad before.

I hope someone at least found my paper bag so it wasn't entirely wasted. If you found it, you're welcome. :/

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