Built myself a small vault

fallout 6 - Built myself a small vault

Wanted to get back inside a vault to hide from all the bugs.

Here's some shots before it disappears: https://imgur.com/a/aj2TReg

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Here's answers for some of the most frequently asked questions:


I bought metal wall plans from a traveling super mutant salesman Grahm. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Grahm I don't think you can get these by farming workshops as workshops seem to only have small pool of basic plans.



There's a large tunnel network under Highway 65 next to Watoga, Cranberry Bog. Plenty of similar spaces to build cave/vault C.A.M.P.s.


Started building from foundations on top of the cave. You can change the height of the foundation by using ramp foundation pieces and stairs to lower it down to the cave.

Special Bonus suggestion for Bethesda

How about make the blueprint remember the exact position it was placed last time and have a button that places it there if the spot is free on the server? Complex buildings like these are otherwise impossible to replace even if you find an empty server to place it on.

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