Calling all Junkies! Crafted a Junkies FFR Gauss mingun and might want to tweak my build

fallout 2 - Calling all Junkies! Crafted a Junkies FFR Gauss mingun and might want to tweak my build

Hey guys, so im a Heavy gunner build (mainly PVE but i have cards to swap in for griefers in workshops) and finally got the gauss minigun plan this week. I know RNG can be a bitch on this game and i was amazed to roll a Junkies FFR within a couple of tries! Ive seen a lot saying that Junkies is second only to Bloodied in terms of DPS which set me off down the rabbit hole, as id much prefer a full health build

Ive never been Junkies before (i barely even use chems) and a lot of the videos ive found are a year or two old so i cant be sure how valid the info is, given the number of nerfs and updates since then. I have done a good bit of research but thought theres nothing better than asking anyone whos running Junkies atm

So of course if theres anything you can add, shout up!

My current understanding is…

You do more damage the more chems youre addicted to and this caps at 5 (doing 50% more damage?)

Chems come in "families" – psycho, psychobuff, psychotats etc – and you can only get addicted to one of those per family

Addiction to different chems has different status effects (only when in withdrawal?). Theres no "best" chems to pick, you want the ones that are least damaging to your build

Some of that could be SOOO wrong, thats why im asking you lovely folks! So heres what im struggling with…

Does the Junkies effect work just by being addicted, or do you have to be in withdrawal? Added bonus if i can get the extra Damage while ON the chems, rather than having to live with all the negative effects all the time


Do you ever really need to be using the chems youre addicted to? If you just do the extra junkies damage when youre in withdrawal, surely taking the chems would put your damage back to normal, making Junkies useless? Is the idea of a Junkies build to be in constant withdrawal to get the damage, or am i going to need stacks of these chems to maintain a Junkies build?

Ive seen people mention chems that "stack" as in being active at the same time. How do you know what chems can run together rather than cancelling each other out? And if i pick 5 chems that don't stack, how much will it affect my build?

I have Herd Mentality, usually playing in a team, with strange in numbers and class freak on (if that makes a difference which chems might be best for me to get addicted to? Looking at you X-cell)

I know the negative effects of withdrawals will affect different S.P.E.C.I.A.Ls, but does that affect the amount of perk cards i can have in that column? I have strength maxed out and rely a lot on those cards, i dont want to get addicted to a few chems and only have 11/12 perk points to use for strength

I know this is a bit of a read but any up to date input and advice is hugely appreciated! With a 2021 guide to Junkies with all the info in place, we might start to get a few less Bloodied builds and more Junkies, something every good wasteland means!

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