[Camp Build] Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02

fallout 5 - [Camp Build] Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02

I had a lot of fun building this camp. Took me a while to settle on where to place the turrets, but once I got it figured out, I made this place an unbeatable fortress (with the exception of maybe Scorchbeasts, which haven't attacked my base yet).


Power12: Location

This area is located just north of Watoga. It has a junk gathering site, but the area is pretty dangerous (as is to be expected for the Cranberry Bog). Expect to repair your camp often if you set up shop here.

Power 11: AFK Ride

Feel like going AFK? Hop on to this to let everyone know you're not paying attention.

Power 10: Power Armor Nook

Supplies, extra crafting tables and the power armor station. Equipped with a barricade and spotlight to keep out threats and detect enemies as they approach.

Power9: Overhead View & Turret Placement

The area is dangerous. If the turrets are lower, most enemies can hit them. Up here, most enemies are unable to retaliate (with the exception of Super Mutants). Saves me a lot on having to repair them, and they have great coverage of the area from here.

Power8: Camp Medic & Nerd

What BOS camp is complete without a field medic? As you can see, we take our job seriously here.

Power7: Outside view of the camp

As seen from someone who would be approaching from the Weast.

Power6: Interior of tent

Comfortable enough to feel right at home despite the hostile territory.

Power5: Southern Entrance

View of the camp if you were approaching from the South.

Power4: Bathing & 'Shower' area.

Not a shower, but it works all the same.


Power3: Commons Area

If you need to chill, listen to some tunes, or hang with the plushie platoon, this is where you do it.

Power2: Shopping Area

As soon as you fast travel to the camp, you'll see a single entrance (power1). Step inside and go right and bam, wares for those who are feeling… bogged… down?

Power1: Main Entrance

Deathclaw shrubs aren't just for show… they are a warning.

This area is prone to getting attacked by:

Deathclaws (guaranteed spawn), bloatflies (common), bloodbugs (common), ants (common), radrats (uncommon), super mutants (uncommon), Scorched (rare), Sheepsquatch (rare) and Blood Eagles (rare).

(Note: Deathclaws are very, very commonly diseased. I've gotten Shell Shocked more times than I care to admit. If you don't have a ton of antibiotics, disease cures, or Soloman handy, this area might irritate you very quickly).

Benefits of the area:

It's a power station, so the area has a 10 power generator outside of where the junk resource is located. If you don't feel like setting up extra wires for the junk gatherer, just plug it into the power station and you're all set.

Junk resource. Have I mentioned this?

Plenty of fences, so no need to build extra defenses.

Close to Watoga and the Scorched Earth event, so if you're over encumbered, it's not a long hike back to camp.

Occasionally a supply drop will be present to the North East (usually surrounded by Protectrons) that you can grab for a few pieces of extra scrap, ammo or stims.

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