Camp locations with prebuilt buildings or details

fallout 8 - Camp locations with prebuilt buildings or details

Been compiling a list of camp locations with details and objects to include instead of just flat space. So here’s my locations I’ve found and used so far. I Hope this helps you other builders.

R&g station has trains you can include, plus a bunch of tracks.

Charleston station lets you build next to the houses and the pond shed.

South Morgantown has a bus stop and side street going to a number of houses and garages. You can build right next to them so you can extend the neighborhood.

South of Charleston fire station there’s a square concrete building with stairs to its roof.

South of the ash heap workshop,forgot its name. The mountain eater. Right next to it is a industrial building you can build near, several burned out vehicles in front of half a trailer home, and a intact fire engine.

Just east of mega red rocket is a stretch of road. There’s a playground, house, tanks, apc, and jeeps you can use.

By the deer icon on the right edge, center of map. There’s a pylon with three box cars used as a half buried bunker. It’s decorated. You can build on and in it.

Just a little east of here is a half destroyed house, crops, wrecked vehicles, and a bunker in disarray. You can build in and around it.

By harpers ferry to the north is a dam you can build of.

Edit: west, not east of Harper, north of the mothman camp, is a bridge you can build a bunker under it.

Train tracks sw side of harpers, north of the engine whose whistle you can blow, is a spot along the tracks by town.

Across the bridge for the railroad east from harpers is a blocked off tunnel with a basic camp. Stairs lead down from here to a hidden camp below.

Snake icon at white springs is a concession stand building with kitchen you can use and pond, flower beds, benches, golf carts.


North edge of the Whitespring golf course is a staff building with roof hangout you can build at, benches, etc.

By the wayward but loading sucks.

Energy substation by Whitespring station also has a raider watch tower with no corpses as decoration, very nice.

Tunnels under the highway from bog town to watoga are unique.

You can build on/around the monorail elevator by watoga.


Verified Submission (when I get on later I’m checking out all these new locations and give you all credit where it’s due, I can’t wait to see what everyone has found)

Wasteland Veteran - Camp locations with prebuilt buildings or details

u/Wasteland_Veteran found When you fast travel to the nuka cola factory, there’s a house right behind you you can camp at. There’s a roach in the bathroom holding a wedding ring that will spawn for every single visitor. (Verified, don’t be rude and lock away the roach)

Also between Becker farms and the cow on the map nearby, there’s a location with two two-story preexisting houses you can build inside, just across the ruined bridge from Becker. (Verified, had a settler/raider who do I join event when I arrived.)

u/brybrybryshyguy found Seneca visitor center has 2 fully entact prebuilt houses you can camp in. Also good for enclave blast events (verified, there’s 3 total cabins but you can only have two at once)

By site charlie (south of R&G station along the top of the cliff) there are 3 cabins and a destroyed house you can build in. (Verified)

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