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Been compiling a list of camp locations with details and objects to include instead of just flat space. So here’s my locations I’ve found and used so far. I Hope this helps you other builders.

Notes : I’m trying to not include quest locations. Besides is fine, but if it lets you build around the quest completely I’m not including it.

Version three. Updating for the bos update.

Version two. Updated to organize by area to make the growing list easily navigable. Plans for the next step is map and location screenshots.


South Morgantown has a bus stop and side street going to a number of houses and garages. You can build right next to them so you can extend the neighborhood.

Snake icon at white springs is a concession stand building with kitchen you can use and pond, flower beds, benches, golf carts.

North edge of the Whitespring golf course is a staff building with roof hangout you can build at, benches, etc.

Around the Wayward, but it’s a popular location.

Energy substation by Whitespring station also has a raider watch tower with no corpses as decoration, very nice.

wasteland veteran - Camp Locations with Structures or other Details

u/wasteland_veteran found between Becker farms and the cow on the map nearby, there’s a location with two two-story preexisting houses you can build inside, just across the ruined bridge from Becker. (Verified, had a settler/raider who do I join event when I arrived.)

Blisteredsun0 - Camp Locations with Structures or other Details

u/Blisteredsun0 found You can also build in the tower on the (road east) beside Whitespring Station. (Verified)

u/sardeliac found Just north of Tyler Fairgrounds on the right side of the road are two small ragged buildings, a pair of fenced off fields, and a small corrugated tin covered storage area. A trio of settlers often spawns there. (Verified, mutant vs mole rat vs settler fight when I arrived. Lively.)

u/bedlamensues found You can camp at the cat lady's house. It is north of bolton greens. Fast travel to Bolton Green and turn and look for the tractor. Follow the dirt road beside it to a barn and silo and her house. (Verified)

u/plant_bandit found I'd like to also add the small raider tower just south of Vault 76. I hadn't built there until this week (or mentioned it before) because it was such an obvious space but I really think it makes for a nice little build right out the vault. It's the one with the mouth harp and banjo (I think it's a banjo). It also spawns a medkit box and some ammo. A settler spawns there and the enemies that show up are usually harmless animals but sometimes scorched or liberators. (Verified)


R and G station has trains you can include, plus a bunch of tracks, all buildable right up to the station.

Just west of mega red rocket is a stretch of road. There’s a playground, house, tanks, apc, and jeeps you can use.

North East of West Tek is a large satellite dish you can build around. It is a gnasher spawn however.

South of Atlas is a clean shack with a fence, and two trucks turned planters with crops included.

On the road south of Atlas is a BoS checkpoint with two npcs you can build around. There’s a similar checkpoint on the road north but it’s all cliff.

u/brybrybryshyguy found Seneca visitor center has 2 fully entact prebuilt houses you can camp in. Also good for enclave blast events (verified, there’s 3 total cabins but you can only have two at once)

u/brybrybryshyguy found By site charlie (south of R&G station along the top of the cliff) there are 3 cabins and a destroyed house you can build in. (Verified)

u/sibreslava found There is a bunker and fence you can build with near Sugar Grove (Road winding S/SE down from sugar Grove. Verified)

u/timetravellingotter found I've got a couple. One is a satellite dish with an enclosed area that's the same size as your camp area, a few junk fences and it'd look like a nice outpost of some kind. Just west of the National Isolated Radio Array. (Up a dirt road, up on the cliff. Great industrial/military outpost vibes. Enemy spawn inside the fence, ghouls when I got there. Verified) https://imgur.com/a/WZKeoLB (huge thanks for this, plan to map and screenshot all locations eventually)



Charleston station lets you build next to the houses and the pond shed.

South of Charleston fire station there’s a square concrete building with stairs to its roof, beside a billboard.

South of the ash heap workshop, Mt Blair. The mountain eater. Right next to it is a industrial building you can build near, several burned out vehicles in front of half a trailer home, and a intact fire engine.

u/Wasteland_Veteran found When you fast travel to the nuka cola factory, there’s a house right behind you you can camp at. There’s a roach in the bathroom holding a wedding ring that will spawn for every single visitor. (Verified, don’t be rude and lock away the roach)

sardeliac - Camp Locations with Structures or other Details

u/sardeliac found At the south end of Ash Heap along the road near Garrahan there's an intact house and greenhouse in a little courtyard setup. (East of garahan estate/mining hq. Verified)

u/Steel_with_it found Lesser-known ones I've spotted around the Ash Heap: • ⁠If you follow the monorail line from Garrahan HQ to R&G, you'll find a couple of broken monorail cars hanging; unlike the ones in the Bog, since you're not supposed to be able to get up there (you'll need a jetpack or serious CAMP box placement skills), they're all empty and clean – and ready to be decorated. Hell of a view of Charlie's nukes, too. (West of R&G processing at the curve in the line between it and garrahan. It’s about three stairs up. Verified) • ⁠And for my personal favourite, there's an awesome Mothman shrine near Bleeding Kate's Grindhouse, complete with a giant tree to build in/around, a few cars and an iron deposit. I almost moved to this one myself, but the nearby fissure is admittedly a pain in the ass. (East of Kates. Had a drunk scavenger when I showed up. Verified)

u/spacecommanderbubble found a makeshift little shack with a cat named murgle north of Welch Station (verified)


Southeast of toxic dried lake bed (just past the house you fast travel in front of) is a diner with pie.

ArnosVale - Camp Locations with Structures or other Details

u/ArnosVale found East of grafton (south of a Dogwood fertilizer) there's run down barn with a pickup truck in it. (And some toxic soot flower crops and fake crop trees) (Verified)

arnosvale - Camp Locations with Structures or other Details

u/arnosvale found To the east of the toxic Lake bed (east of the fast travel spawn) there's a toilet block/shower block with loads of sun loungers. (Verified)


By the deer icon on the right edge, center of map. There’s a pylon with three box cars used as a half buried bunker. It’s decorated. You can build on and in it.

Just a little east of the last location is a half destroyed house, crops, wrecked vehicles, and a bunker in disarray. You can build in and around it.

By harpers ferry to the north is a dam you can build on just south of the north side bridge.

West of Harpers, north of the mothman camp, is a bridge you can build a bunker under it.

Train tracks sw side of harpers, north of the engine whose whistle you can blow, is a spot along the tracks by town.

Across the bridge for the railroad east from harpers is a blocked off tunnel with a basic camp. Stairs lead down from here to a hidden camp below.

Tunnels under the highway from bog town to watoga are unique.

You can build on/around the monorail elevator by watoga.

Survey Camp Alpha se of watoga. You can build almost right up to the AA turret. Guaranteed robot spawn point, often cloaked assaultrons.

South of Superior Sunset Farm is a bridge/half built beaver dam. Between the farm and the nearby train tracks.

u/timetravellingotter And another, a small cabin just west/south west of the overgrown sundew gorge. Has some npcs there as a bonus. (Has a weapons workbench,beds,clean, an outhouse. It had dead cultists outside and a nearby group of raiders fighting. Verified) https://imgur.com/a/WZKeoLB (huge thanks for this, plan to map and screenshot all locations eventually)

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