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I know CAMP related requests are made frequently on this subreddit, and in the past three days, we've seen a large number of requests ranging from "Increase the budget," "Add placable junk," "More Letter Signs," and "More Display Options."

As a member of CAMPaholics anonymous who started this game in the BETA, struggling with the addiction of moving and rebuilding my camp usually three times a week, and in my time building CAMPS over and over, I came upon a lot of quirks and tricks for building (which I will not discuss here for fear of them being patched out. I still miss some of the ones that are gone), but also a lot of shortcomings. I want to share some ideas of mine as well as consolidate some of the ideas provided by the community.

Before I do that, I must commend the person behind the implementation of saved camp blueprints and being able to have more than one; I know I'll be using that a lot when it gets implemented.

Starting with the community suggestions from the last couple of days:

  1. Ease up on build restrictions. This one is simple enough; a lot of build restrictions feel arbitrary, like how you can't use the two foundation stair platform on anything other than the ground level, or stairs at all on 1×1 floor pieces (the small 1 tile floors for upstairs), or simply being able to use any of the stairs that are tall enough for actual staircases, like the contemporary building set's stairs. That one is tall enough to match a wall/foundation, and would actually look NICE as a set of stairs to the second story. Lights take up so much budget and feel arbitrary as well, even though the majority of these might be used for Neon letter signs for camps that roleplay as businesses (
    Photo 2021 01 29 175442 - CAMP suggestions from a player(s) who love to build
    like mine). My main nag is the inability to place down floors in camp locations where you can't place down foundations. There's a handful of places (mostly up on top of the monorails) where you can't build foundations, so you're stuck without walls or floors unless you're willing to use stuff like mats and lockers as walls. It can be done, but it's not as clean and cheap.
  2. More themed building sets. I'd love to see more of these; the one I have is the contemporary home set (the white panel walls, with porch foundations and stairs). I know there were a few sets of buildables out there, but aside from the glass and cell wall sets from the SCOREBOARD, which as far as I know hasn't shown up in the Atom Shop since, there haven't been any new options for us to use as far as external structures. No, I don't mean prefabs (like the flying fortress, seedy shack, or greenhouse dome), although those are cool, they are much harder to fit into any given build because they lack the flexibility that a foundation with walls can achieve.
  3. More Display options. This is also a bit of a problem; the current display cases are inflexible. Some are easy to use, like the wall panels for weapons, but as far as decoration goes, some of them are difficult to use in most builds because they don't match the wasteland building styles afforded by other furniture pieces, or they don't fit outside of a museum. If we had additional surfaces for display, like maybe a mat with a few display slots that we can slap on any surface, we'd have an easier time with decorating.
  4. Camp Clutter & Placeable Items. This is kinda an extension of the above; a LOT of people really REALLY want to have ways to show off their cool items. I agree heavily and have a personal suggestion for this below.

I won't be covering all the bugs, but I still do find it annoying that we can't put the wooden barriers on the floors (only the foundations) and that we can't stack support pillars. I'm sure there's plenty of posts about some of the bugs in the CAMP system and that they hear enough of it.

Following up with some of my own suggestions, gained from passing conversation with other people or formed myself after playing the game:

  1. Triangular (or wedge) foundations/floors. Someone brought this up in a conversation on a Reddit thread, and I wanted to talk about it here.
    Photo 2020 06 13 134833 - CAMP suggestions from a player(s) who love to build
    I'm no stranger to building angular buildings, but I think it'd be easier to achieve nicer looking structures if we had triangular foundations much like a lot of other survival games with building mechanics (such as Rust or Unturned). We might be a different demographic in a whole different genre of game, but triangle foundations would add much more in the form of options for construction. We could have functional 'round' towers.
    The problem with this is that you'd have to figure out what angles would work, and a one-size fit all will not be a good idea. If only one kind/size of triangle foundation/floor is added, the easiest to implement is an equilateral triangle. Its sides are all equal in size, so you can just make its sides the length of a full wall and be done, although this will require three continuous triangles to make up the width of 2 square platforms if it means anything. I'd personally suggest a 67.5/67.5/45 wedge with the side between A and B being 1 wall wide such as to allow two wedges in the space of 1 90 degree corner, allowing easier transition between two square wedges, although I'd like to have both if that were an option since the number of options these two simple things provide is greater than we can imagine without seeing it in practice.
  2. Partial walls/foundations. We already have half-walls (vertically), and we have half/quarter floors for upper floors, but we lack half-walls (horizontally) and half/quarter foundations. As far as the half-walls go,
    unknown - CAMP suggestions from a player(s) who love to build
    I have been able to use foundation stuttering to get half walls to a degree, but it still is just a full wall, separated into halves using another wall at the halfway point.
  3. Ceiling wallpaper. This one actually gets brought up so often in the community, I'd love to see it considered. Even considering that a lot of ceilings aren't flat if a ceiling wallpaper made the bottom flat, that'd be okay, too, considering that a large number of builds are simply worse off because the roof just doesn't match the interior of the build.
  4. Mannequins. Display cases for outfits/armor. That'd be great, especially since some people have a number of cool outfits/costumes they'd wanna showcase but can't (because they can only outfit their ally with one set). Maybe even a set of mannequins that have poses to allow it to hold and display weapons as well.
  5. Examine Displays/Vendors. I can't tell the difference between a rifle on the wall from a TS/E/25 rifle on the wall. If we could examine it, and see what mods/effects are on it, we might be more impressed with the display weapons. That said, this functionally would also be nice on items in the vendors of other players, since you cannot see what mods exist on a weapon/armor piece in a given vending machine, because you can't even see the silhouette of a weapon in the menu.
  6. More functional power objects. So this one is hard to name, but there were a number of devices you could make in workshops in FO4 that had a great deal of functionality, like delayed switches. While a majority of them exist in 76 (even adding new keypad related switches), I feel like we could stand to gain more functionality from objects such as these. Some examples would be a power button, which would send a short-lived amount of power (say, 2 seconds) before turning itself off, which is great for stuff like doors, and speakers. Perhaps allow one of the spotlights to be connected up with a terminal to send an output signal to devices connected through it and turn them on only if the spotlight detects something (so you can set up sirens that'd only activate when a spotlight detects hostiles). I'd even love it if we could have programmable
    tube light marquee signs in the atom shop, using a terminal to make it say a string of messages that scroll by.
  7. Cycle atom shop items more frequently. This one is hard to justify other than "It feels like some bundles or items take a full year to rotate back into stock, even though it's highly requested or popular." I know this might affect sales but I feel like if these bundles came through more often, they'd be bought by more people. The biggest hurdle for me buying stuff from the shop is timing because I'd love to buy stuff, but sometimes the items I want are only available at a time in the year that I can't afford to buy it. If it came back again even a month later I'd be on that, even without the discounts.
  8. CAMP Beacons. Camps can be lively, but it'd be great if they felt like a popular destination. Something like a flag or radio beacon to draw in generic NPCs to wander and then leave your camp without any real functionality would be cool. Bonus points if these beacons would be separated by which group they'd attract. Maybe a raider flag to draw in raiders to come hang out, or a radio beacon that calls settlers to visit, or even a comms station that brings the Brotherhood to drop by during their patrols or downtime. Having one of these at your camp, combined with an ally, would make for lively scenes where visitors to your camp might stop by for your shops but notice you and your ally at a bar, serving three or four wastelanders and another player could be a cool roleplay experience. We already have a soft-system in place for this, being the traveling merchants that sometimes roll in while we have some CAMP allies active.
  9. Clutter Device. This is my response to the Clutter items request made as point 4 in community suggestions. It'd be nice if there was a functional object that we could place in our camp, and much like the Ammo Converter, go up to and select (non-legendary) items from our inventory for being made into clutter. These would be removed from your inventory and placed into your camp's stored building objects menu as placeables at your camp, displayable similarily to a display case but without the display case as a middle man. These items could take up budget in your camp like all other buildable objects and the device will simply reject adding more if there's not enough budget left to add more. All these objects have models anyways, so having placable versions would be cool in many cases.
  10. Allies, Collectrons (and my beacons suggestion if they get added) inside the Shelters. A common problem that people list with shelters is that they feel empty/dead. Most people don't use 'em because they're hardly practical when it comes to function (Can't get resources from them, and camps have more freedom of creativity), so why not allow a person to put allies, collectrons, and other npc objects in the shelter? It'd allow it to feel alive. Even if collectron functionality is removed, it'd probably still get placed for the personality and life it brings alone. As for allies, if I had the ability to place an ally (or multiple) in the shelter, I'd be able to actually access the daily/radiant quests or functions of some/most of my allies without having to dismiss them in my CAMP, which doesn't cost anything other than time.

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