Camps in the same spot

fallout 4 - Camps in the same spot

Not sure if this has been posted on here before but this happened to me over the weekend so I thought I would share.

TL;DR: If you enter a server and another player has a camp in the same spot as yours, your camp is destroyed and you have to build it again from scratch.


Joined a friends game and noticed that my camp marker did not appear on the map. Left the world and joined another one as I thought it was just a bug, still didn't appear. Two new worlds, same thing. Restarted the game, didn't appear. My friend who was still in the same world I originally joined, travelled over to where my camp would be on the map and found that another player in that world had a camp in the same spot. Ended up having to rebuild it from scratch. All of the pieces and items were stored so it didn't cost me anything however it was kind of frustrating to have to spend an hour and a half reassembling a camp that took me around three hours to build in the first place. Now I want to say this was bad luck, however it hasn't even been a week and this happened and I hate to think how many more times this will happen over the course of the game. The location is pretty decent, I'm happy with it, and don't really want to relocate out of fear of it happening again but I would hope something would be put in place against this. I have no problem leaving the server and joining a new one if a "CAMP unavailable" notice comes up that still keeps it intact when I join a new world. I would hate for a player who is a meticulous builder to have their hard work destroyed just like that. I know there are players who take building seriously and will spend days or even weeks perfecting their camp. Now from what I was told the overlap between my camp and the existing camp would have been pretty severe. But, will any amount of overlap see your camp destroyed? If you want a camp with nearby water access and if minimal overlap is all that is needed, then this becomes a real issue. Anyway, I really hope something is done to protect against total camp loss in the future.

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