Can anyone give me suggestions on the new build I’m doing?

fallout 7 - Can anyone give me suggestions on the new build I'm doing?

This is my second character. The first one was kinda of a jack-of-all-trades.

Backstory: Just like in the lore, the sole survivor is an experienced soldier. After loosing his family, he's gone kinda mad. He's taking a lot of drugs to deal with the pain. He's extremely aggressive and distrustful. Likes sarcasm or the rude option. He started as a mercenary but once he meets Danse, he'll join them because it's the most similar thing to what he used to know before the bombs. .

This character is supposed to be distrustful of everyone, so he runs the show solo. No companions. He's rarely nice to others unless they help him but since he's unstable, he wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in their head if they piss him off.

He relates to the BoS on a military level and dislikes the mutations that radiation produced (ghouls and super mutants) so he has no problem taking them out.

At some point, he's gonna grow tired of all the shit and he's gonna become the Commonwealth's overboss, thus joining the raiders of nuka world.

He's name is gonna send shivers down the spines of everyone in the commonwealth.

Now, here's my dilemma: I'm torn between staying with the brotherhood or joining the institute. This is my evil playthrough so the institute should be the first option but at the same time, the BoS under Marxon isn't exactly good either.

As the institute's director, he's gonna have all the power he wants and access to a lot of tech, while also controlling the show in front of the curtains and behind them.

As a brotherhood of steel member, he'll be some sort of warchief that keeps the commonwealth under control for the BoS.


Also, I'd like some recommendations on the playstyle: On my previous character, I used semi-auto rifles mostly. I started using automatic rifles at the very end and fell in love with them so that's my main right now. Currently using the Scar-H and another automatic weapon mod (Factor I believe is the name). I don't know what other type of weapon I should try. Non-automatic pistols don't seem fun (but I might be wrong), big guns didn't hook me, melee weapons sounds fun but it requieres 2 maxed out perks (blacksmith and the damage dealing perk) so I don't know. I already used shotguns on the first character so that's not an option either.

I'm building up my character to take advantage of a X-01 power armor (I added some mods to make them more interesting), until then, I'll stick to my Strigidae Suit by Niero.

Maybe you could recommend me some more interesting perks that suit my playstyle. I'm a heavy VATS user so I'll get into some of the lucky perks eventually but not all of them. I'm trying to Max out Lone Wander, Science, Gun Nut, Armorer, commando, sneak (only 4), some points for ninja and some charisma perks but I still don't know which ones are actually worth it.

I'd also love some mods recommendations for weapons, armors and maybe an evil companion that my character can relate to.

I'm specifically looking for a military type of armor with some really good defenses for the end game but the ones I've seen don't convince me (mostly because I don't know their armor ratings).

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