Can i get some feedback on my atomic shop post for /r/fo76?

fallout 5 - Can i get some feedback on my atomic shop post for /r/fo76?

Feel free to leave any feedback! let me know if you find any inconsistencies

Hi guys, as someone who has a lot of troubles running the game yet being a great fan of base-building the atomic shop is something I browse often. Especially as someone who is a completionist and mostly buys all DLC's and most released content for Free2Play games. I have to admit I was a little shocked by the prices, and quantities of items being added to the game daily. That's why I decided to make this post, please do note that I love this game yet the way it's run that bothers me.

Introducing new features

Bethesda has been gradually pushing microtransactions this month. Introducing "Daily deals". While going through your build menu you will notice that all atom shop items are now on the foreground, misclicking also instantly send you to the buy page. They have also added a new feature to our maps (Especially playing with controller) where the game at times opens a pop-up saying "Do you want to buy a new avatar"

What is in the atomic store?

The Atomic shop included $280 in items on launch and about 5 days ago this has almost doubled to $480. Listed below you will find a table breaking down the averages for each category as well as the totals for the atomic shop.

We have also heard rumours on Lunchbox loot boxes being added to the game. However, these could also be for events so I won't speculate on these. Bethesda has stated that there won't be gameplay affecting premium items in Fallout 76.

Table (Image): https://imgur.com/gallery/s6Bt7IO


Earnable atoms

As I started to play the game I was very happy about the rate at which I earned atoms, around 1000 each day. Now my characters are pretty high level (60 & 108) I started to run out after earning around 4000 Atoms total, which is a fair amount. Sadly the daily and weekly challenges net you a max of 500 atoms each week which allows a player to buy >4 % of added shop value each month without spending actual money.

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The game as a service & possibility of Free2Play

Bethesda has stated before that Fallout 76 will be a game ran as a service, This means we receive content based on the money spent on items by the community and the longevity of the game is also decided on by community spending. Now Bethesda really has hit it out of the ballpark this month by nearly adding 100.000 atoms, $1000, 194 items or an average of $21,13 per day added since launch. This is a lot, this is quite an amount compared to most Free2Play games out there.

So where is the free content/items?

I don't know, wish I knew. I personally don't like having $60+ a week added in C.AM.P. items. Why? I'm a student with a low wage and don't necessarily have the money to buy a small lamp for $8. If anyone has info on upcoming free content please let us know in the comments!

The future

I would love to hear your theories on what to expect! Are these additions to the Atomic Store because they are successful? or do you believe this is because of a lack of sales for the game itself?

I personally hope for the first and also hope we will see the addition of new free content as well as either a relatively big price drop for atoms or premium items. I'm also very curious as to what we will see being added to the Atomic Shop for Christmas (And the prices of course)

Thank you very much for reading! Would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

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