Can we bring back survival and make it the “hardcore mode” of fallout 76?

fallout 7 - Can we bring back survival and make it the "hardcore mode" of fallout 76?

Recently mentioned this in a thread already and people seemed on board, I've suggested this in the past but now with the removal of hunger/thirst I think we should try again. personally I don't really play the PVP scene of fallout 76 and I feel there is a huge divide between PVP fans and primarily PVE fans. I'm a big fan of competitive shooters in general so I would love some features to give fallout a mode that satisfies both sides

my suggestion is this: Bring back survival mode with a couple of very subtle but hugely important changes to make it a completely new experience. this mode would have a slight focus on pvp but offer a more challenging experience to PVE'ers too
1. Make everyone start a fresh character to play the mode
survival mode when it was originally introduced wasn't very successful, people camping train station fast travel point with their OP god roll guns or legacies, or fights where chems are spammed to stay alive while having sentinel armor to make you almost invincible (pvp is just broken basically) making everyone start with nothing on a separate character or the same way nuclear winter keeps track of a character in a different "game mode", linked but not the same.

  1. Remove legendary gear entirely
    maybe a bit controversial but removing legendary weapons and armor will put everyone on the same playing field, fights wont be decided by who has better gear but actually by skill. sure some weapons might become more meta than others but you will no longer have builds that have to be spec'd around a legendary. legendary enemies could still exist but instead they could maybe drop rare plans or supplies like chems/junk.

  2. Actually make it difficult
    the way I'm personally envisioning this is that this mode will be similar to the survival mode in fallout 4 where you actually have to keep track of a lot of things. mainly focusing on the survival aspect as the original mode was called, for example: sleeping, eating, drinking, no fast travel (maybe possible with the travel agent perk?) less ammo, chems and caps to be found (all the "find more X" perks useful again?) and maybe stronger enemies although with the removal of legendary gear I feel like it will be difficult already.

  3. Keep some features
    mainly the fact that you don't show up on the map of course, it would make encountering another player more tense as you don't know their intentions and can cause you to take a different approach to a situation.
    another feature I see being an option is maybe keeping specific unique weapons as legendaries as everyone could get access to them, the reason I say specific ones is that something like the "all rise" is not much different from a regular super sledge while the "slug buster" is a massive improvement.

  4. Possible balance to PA
    If you got this far you might have thought that the removal of legendary armor would make power armor incredibly OP (while it is kinda underpowered right now, oh how the mighty have fallen). as u/satlos and u/-Vulpes-Inculta- have mentioned under my comment, make power armor show up on the map at all times, a bit of a high risk- high reward type of deal. you'll be heavily protected but also a big target. additionally there was a suggestion of possibly removing mods for power amour but I feel like power armor mods aren't that strong with the exception of emergency protocols, that could be toned down a little.

What do you think about a game mode like this? would you play it? the way I'm thinking of it is like a Fallout spin on Dayz or Rust

TL:DR: read the numbers

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