Can we have difficult enemies in other ways than giving them insane HP?

fallout 4 - Can we have difficult enemies in other ways than giving them insane HP?

I love this game but let’s be honest, the enemy AI is so dumb that I’m embarrassed to play this game in front of other people.

With the exception of maybe Assaultrons there are no challenging enemies and the ones who are challenging is just because they have a shit ton of health and it takes your entire arsenal to kill them (scorched beasts, mirelurk queens etc.) but they require no particular skills and tactics, just prior preparation.

Here’s how to turn enemies from the joke they are into some respected and fearful creatures (and it’s possible since I modded my FO4 experience in this way):

  1. Increase their detection range. I used this mod in FO4 and it was hella fun to get sniped and be ambushed by raiders and supermutants without even knowing where the bullets came from, or being stalked by some predators. At the current state unless you’re blind there is no way an enemy can engage you before you engage them. You ALWAYS have the “surprise” advantage.

  2. Increase their “caution” times. You basically see a mob of enemies, you sneakily kill them in front of each other, they see their fellows die and all they do is looking for you for 30 seconds and then going back to normal life. Repeat the process x times until you kill all the mob. I used this mod in FO4 and they were looking for you for really long times so you actually had to be careful who and how to engage the targets if you wanted to play stealth mode.

  3. Make animals more aggressive, make them… animals! When a Yao Guay, a Deathclaw or a Gulper catches you that must mean trouble! But no, for some reason they hit you, then run away, then come back, they hit you again, then they start running in circles around you or a lot of times they freeze and watch you while you shoot at them.

  4. They don’t hide or dodge. While you’re shooting a Deathclaw, Wendigo or whatever enemy that has an aggro animation, instead of attacking, hiding or running away they play that animation while you’re emptying the entire magazine in their heads. It’s just ridiculous.

  5. Reaction times. In RDR2 you don’t even have the time to pull out your shotgun and the local fauna is gone. Here I can slap a deer’s butt before he starts attacking or running away.

  6. Decrease their HP! In FO4 I used a mod where everyone’s health (including mine) was reduced and headshots on humanoids were fatal (including mine). You have no idea how intense gunfights were instead of now, which is running around like Rambo exterminating the wasteland with a golf club.

I’m not even level 50 and there’s nothing in the wasteland that scares me anymore. At worst I’m annoyed by bullet sponges like scorched beast, high level mr. gutsy, Yao guay etc. but they’re nothing more than a waste of resources. Zero suspence in every fight so long story short, make enemies deadlier but decrease their HP!

Now with the current enemy status and AI it feels like I’m playing piñata or I’m at a shooting range with static targets.

TLDR: make enemies deadlier but decrease their HP!

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