Can we have energy weapons be more distinctive from ballistic guns in Fallout 5? Proposed changes to make energy weapons more unique.

fallout 3 - Can we have energy weapons be more distinctive from ballistic guns in Fallout 5? Proposed changes to make energy weapons more unique.

As it stands laser weapons in Fallout 4 for example don't bring anything new to the table other than being visually different and having a different damage type.

In fact laser weapons literally feel like a ballistic weapon with a laser skin and new damage type slapped on. Hardly different.

They are supposed to have a higher rate of fire but in some cases they actually have lower ROF than their counterparts

They also have weird characteristics for laser weapons, I understand adding recoil for balance sake but it's so stupid that the recoil for laser guns are sometimes higher than ballistic weapons. So stupid it hurts my brain, there are other balance adjustments instead.

Here's my list of proposed changes.

DON'T TAKE EVERYTHING LITERALLY. There are some issues and not all of these need to be in the next game.


  • No or VERY minimal recoil

  • Fastest firing rate of any weapon type

  • Also the weakest damage of any gun type in the game

  • Mod that can add a constant beam. Beam does more damage the longer you keep it on someone

  • Microfusion cells work like batteries, firing shots drain the cells which you can recharge

  • Higher damage mods means you use more energy per shot in exchange for lower fire rate and higher damage

  • Sniper mod uses up the most energy per shot and is comparable to a weaker .50 cal

Since the damage is still weak weak, the gun will still have a higher dps than other weapons thanks to a high ROF. This is still balanced because of how armor affects low damage and high rof weapons.


Good against high HP targets and big enemies (Mutants and ghouls)
Good against numerous but unarmored enemies (Ghouls, basic raiders, animals)
Ammo efficient
No recoil
Each consecutive shot on armor lowers the damage resistance against your gun as the armor "overheats". There is a cap



Not very sneaky
High rof and low damage means you might end up wasting more ammo if you have inconsistent aim
Armor counters this.
Physical damage armor blocks laser shots too (Up in the air)


Some minor adjustments to make Plasma weapons unique. I feel like these need to be the heavy hitter counter-part of the laser.
I propose that in addition to having both ballistic and energy damage.

  • All Plasma weapons add burns damage that scales with the weapons damage . This burn effect ignores ballistic armor. Energy resistance lowers the burn damage but doesn't stop it from being inflicted

  • To make the weapon more balanced. You use two ammo types now. Micro-fusion to power the gun and plasma for the shot. Plasma is slightly cheaper now (For balance)

  • Ability to "charge shots" by holding down the primary fire. Your shot when charged uses more energy and fuel in exchange for splash damage. Splash doesn't apply normal damage, instead apply the burning effect on nearby enemies.

  • Burn damage lowers energy resistance 10% (max)


Your gun inflicts scaling burn damage regardless of how much armor the enemy is wearing.

You can charge each shot to burn multiple targets
Best gun for countering armor.


Not ammo efficient.
You now have to manage two ammo types.
Terrible sniper rifle

Slow firing, slow projectile

Burn effect does NOT stack

Terrible for sneaking with

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