Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool Fallout 76 would be with NPC’s?

fallout 4 - Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool Fallout 76 would be with NPC's?

You start, leave the Vault and continue to Flatwoods where you meet The Responders. (You do the cooking, water, blah blah blah) You complete the research for the inoculation project, and once you have a finalized cure you speak with Chavez, go and meet up with the Firebreathers and once your training is complete, you retake Morgantown Airport from the scorched. After that you learn about who and what the Brotherhood are and start your pilgrimage to the Bog. once you reach Fort Defiance, Moreno says something like "we are short on hands, but we cant just let anyone into our ranks. listen, you go to Camp Venture, complete your training. we need to make sure you are qualified." you go, complete training at Camp Venture and learn more about the Scorch and the Scorchbeasts. you hear about Taggerdy's plan to nuke the Prime Fissure, convince Maxson (through radio) to give the go-ahead and then you need to find a way to get into the silos. you and your new power armor head off to the mire, in an attempt to hunt down the Free States. you find Abbey's Bunker, talk with her about the SDS ( Scorched Detection System) and go to Raleigh Clay's bunker for the parts and info on how to set it up. you are then told to go to Top of the World where you find the raiders. You meet up with David, do some stuff to gain their trust and then put the Uplink up on top of Top of the World. Afterwards, you return to Raleigh, and he tells you about how the haven't heard anything about Sam Blackwell for a while. you go to his hidden bunker and discover the Enclave. you go to the bunker, gain the Enclave's trust. You then have to kill the raiders (or side with them, take Appalachia, and then you get an endgame slide or whatever saying "while the Raiders had taken Appalachia, it was in vain. without anything to combat the evil in the east, the whole of West Virginia was plunged into darkness. forever." when you finally have everything you need to launch the nuke, the Enclave tells you to Nuke Morgantown, take Appalachia for the Enclave. The Brotherhood and the Responders tell you to Nuke the Prime Fissure. You pick one, the other goes hostile. Then you launch the nuke. if its on fissure site prime, You, The Firebreathers and the Brotherhood launch a mass attack on the Prime Fissure, kill the Queen and beat the game. if you go with the enclave you nuke Morgantown, kill the Responders and the Brotherhood. then, after a while, the Enclave tells you about the issue with the scorched and tell you to pick another silo and nuke the Prime Fissure. You and Enclave shock troops attack and kill the queen.

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And that is all I have. Here are a few pros/cons I noticed.



COMPANIONS! A dog (duh) and some randos (a fellow dweller, a Protectron or something, Shelley, maybe? (the cryptid girl) and maybe the overseer?) and some faction specific ones like Rose (the non-robot one) Moreno, an Enclave guy, one of the responders (Dassa?) and Abbey. (just some ideas, don't @ me) this would make the game way more vibrant, and with the inclusion of companion perks would be an amazing addition.

MORE ROLEPLAYING! with an actual functioning dialogue system, you can actually do something other than just "interact" and would allow for a bit more fun with the dialogue!

MORE OF A STORY! allowing for you to actually interact with the peeps before they all became scorched would be super cool as it sets you on a pedestal. YOU were the saviour of Appalachia, YOU led the __________ to victory! setting it just before the scorched infection would allow you to actively combat the disease itself and feel like you are actually doing something.

RANDOM ENCOUNTERS! you could run into fellow vault dwellers, talking deathclaws, mothman? the sky is the limit!

RADIANT QUESTS! im not sure how yall feel about this, but it still would probably be better than the chore that is events. the brotherhood telling you to wipe out a scorched infestation in some random spot on the map is just some nice stuff to do in your spare time. hunting down some of the last remaining raiders with the responders, or saving people stuck in the mines is something cool to do when you are bored.

WORKSHOPS! imagine having the ammo factory WITHOUT having to reclaim it every session? it would be powerful and fun to be able to take your own workshops, each with their own powerful special production? fun! (plus, keep camps in it for your own special home base!)


MODS! do what you want, we wont judge. add anything and everything, and with such an expansive world with such new weapons and armor and stuff, modding would be insane in this game.

P.s. photomode is amazing so it would have to stay (duh)


A LACK OF REPLAYABILITY: with only so many ways to kill a giant bat, there isn't much incentive to replay the game. unlike the other ones with faction wars that put you right in the center and giving you a dozen different ways to beat the game, its more difficult in this one, as unlike 3, 4, NV, you don't kill the other factions and take the area for your team, you kill a bat.

NO PLAYING WITH FRIENDS: simple, yet without being able to play with friends, some of the fun is negated. easy to fix by just adding co-op later down the road.

and that's pretty much it. any suggestions are appreciated. it kinda makes me sad, thinking about how AWESOME this game would be with NPC's. ah well, I hope you enjoyed my ideas and lets hope Fallout 5 is amazing. see you later!

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