Can you remember your best stories with Grahm?

fallout 6 - Can you remember your best stories with Grahm?

Grahm has saved my life many times. But I’ll never forget the two specific times I’m about to share with you. Once when I was level 20ish, (i didn’t know he even existed at the time) I went into big bend tunnel with a random level 60. (This was way before wastelanders came out) So all those high level enemies were absolutely slaughtering me. The other guy just left, so I was in there on my own. And I wanted to grab my bag of junk because I had a lot of stuff in there. I heard the scorched fighting something and I saw a super mutant was attacking them. He was just absolutely demolishing them. Like a coward I hid behind walls and shot a few times. Until he killed everything. Then he started walking away, in the direction that I needed to go. He kept talking to himself but I didn’t think much of it because all super mutants talk. Then I see a giant pink beast sprinting after him and I was terrified until I saw it was a brahmin . It was at this point I realized they were both friendly. I still kept my distance but I followed them all the way to the end. He killed everything in his path. And I just looted whatever I could. I didn’t know he was a vendor at the time.

Fast forward a year later, I’m level 100 something, when the Sheepsquatch was first introduced. I spent a good hour looking for it until I found it by the pumpkin house, fighting the deathclaw in the nearby cave. I sprinted towards the action in my power armor while wielding my rocket sledgehammer. Both of them stopped fighting each other and focused on me. It was like that scene when the winter soldier and captain American fight iron man.


Im getting smacked around, stabbing myself with so many stimpacks, About to give up hope and see if maybe I’m lucky enough to run away. But then, like a beacon of light in the darkest, I saw a super mutant run towards us and started fighting the sheepsquatch. It was a 2 vs 2. I managed to kill the deathclaw and t-bagged it because he was mean to me. Then I saw that Grahm was injured on the floor. I rushed to his side thinking I could stimpack him, and that warrior just shrugged it off and got back up. We both fought the sheepsquatch and killed it. It was only then that I realized he was a vendor. And as a thank you I bought most of his plans.

I get happy every time I see him. And I love participating in his cookout event. Part of me will always be grateful to him so I feel like attending his little event and helping out is a small way to say thank you.

I’m glad he enjoys wandering around, collecting green stuff for Chally. Trading with us, and occasionally helping us in our time of need.

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