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What's up everyone. I'm here to talk about what I feel are the canon endings to Fallout 2. Fallout 2 isn't exactly my favorite of the series but its one I've put a lot of hours in and as part of the writing team for Project Arroyo, I've been trying to help make the logical conclusions for the game's endings. So for those taking the time to learn how to play Fallout 2, here's the canon endings or at least the closest to canon.

Note: These endings are relative to New Vegas so this is also handy for those that have played NV and trying a 'canon playthrough'

Arroyo: "Complete the game and leave the elder alive". Pretty much the default ending for the game and one you always have to do.

Klamath: Nothing is said about Klamath but its assumed that Klamath is still thriving since Klamath Bob grew up and heard about the Chosen One

Den: There's no canon ending but the good ending for the Den is "Kill Metzger but spare Becky". Doing so allows the Den to flourish. Considering the NCR has expanded north between 2241 AND 2281, it wouldn't make sense for the Den to be a thriving hub of slavery

Modoc: "Make peace between Modoc and the Slags. Also kill Rose's 'chicken' via a shot to the eye." Doing this will allow Modoc to flourish and survive the drought. Also Jas Wilkins in NV does mention her great-aunt Rose had a pet deathclaw till someone shot it in the eye

Redding: "Sell the excavator chip to LeBarge". Doing so allows Redding to join the NCR. However, don't bring the jet antidote to Doc Johnson in Redding because it'll trigger the 'Redding joins Vault City" ending which will overwrite the canon ending.

Vault City: There are two possible endings for Vault City that'd fit since apparently VC was 'pacified' by NCR. Either "Fix the Gecko power plant and don't bring the raiders' account book or Bishop's holodisk to Lynette in Vault City" or do the same but deliver the items to Lynette. Doing both endings makes it where Vault City is taken over by NCR

However don't "deliver both holodisks between Lynette and Westin" because it'll trigger the VC independent ending

Gecko: "Fix the power plant but don't receive reactor holodisk" or "Fix and optimize the power plant and bring Gordon Gecko's holodisk to McClure in Vault City". Doing so allows Gecko and Vault City to form a truce or alliance. Also make sure Harold is alive since he shows up in Fallout 3

Note: The 2nd ending is bugged so you may need Killap's Fan Patch or Restoration Project to fix it.

Broken Hills: "Help Marcus out in Broken Hills, recruit Marcus and keep him alive for the rest of the game". Help Marcus solve the issues in town like putting the mutant haters in jail. Then recruit Marcus and keep him alive. Since Broken Hills will collapse later on, Marcus will travel East to where you'll meet him in New Vegas.


New Reno: Now this one is tricky. According to New Vegas, the Bishop family is still running but New Reno is run by the Wrights and Van Graffs. Looks like Obisidian pulled a Morrowind and combined multiple endings for New Reno.

So this is the possible best way for New Reno. "Slaughter both the Salvatores and Mordinos" and "Slay Mr. Bishop or destroy the raiders". In addition, "Impregnate either Mr. Bishop's wife or daughter and don't tell Mrs. Bishop to move on" or "Leave the Wright family in control, don't enter the Sierra Army Depot or become Made Man, and complete the murder quest". (Note: The bishop child ending overwrites all New Reno endings apparently shrugs)

Here's why: New Vegas states that despite still being a cesspit, New Reno has some affiliation with the NCR so the Bishops still have some power. The Mordinos and Salvatores have no power or practically none since Jet is now curable and the Enclave, who were supplying the Salvatores, was crippled. The Chosen One had a child who was described in the ending slide and by Bruce Isaac in NV to have a love for travelling the wastes and he's been in charge of the Bishop family since he was 13. Finally, the Wrights was stated to be one of the two major factions in New Reno by 2281 so they need to be the ones in control of NR BUT they must not have access to the SAD or they'll demolish the city.

NCR and Vault 15: "Complete the deal between NCR and V15". This ending allows the NCR to become the powerhouse you see in New Vegas and gives them to capacity to expand north.

Vault 13: There's no canon ending. Although there was a good ending for the deathclaws, its probably canon that the Enclave wipe them out according to Chris Avellone in the Fallout Bible.

San Francisco: There is no canon ending for SF but the good ending involves sparing the Shi.

Hubologists: There is no canon ending for the Hubologists but since either ending involves them dying, up to you.

Enclave: "Destroy the oil rig". Pretty much your main quest since Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 establish this as canon

Tanker vagrants: Default ending.

Myron: There's no canon ending for Myron but hearing about him and keeping him alive gives him the ending where he's stabbed to death

John Cassidy: Nothing canon is said about him but since he went on to marry a tribal and have Rose of Sharon Cassidy in New Vegas as his daughter, it is required for him to stay alive while travelling with the Chosen One.

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