Cap limit and weight

fallout 5 - Cap limit and weight

Not claiming this as my own idea, but I like it and thought it would be worth cross posting over here from a PTS thread…

Cap limit and weight
(Please bear with me and give reading this one a chance, its not as crazy as it sounds📷)

As I expect this idea will be lost in the one of the many threads on the subject it came up in, I am going to add it here in the hopes that @LadyDevann or @Valseek may see it and pass it on for consideration.

As everyone knows, there is a distinct divide between people who want the cap currency cap removed, and those who like it as is. The idea was brought up in a thread, that as many people just use ammo, junk etc. as an alternate currency anyway, we could potentially remove the cap, but add a weight value to that caps over 30k as a balance.

This would;

  • Not affect people who don't care about caps, as we would leave the first 30k weightless. (Potentially, past 30k, the caps would need to stay in a stash in CAMP, so no changes to the character inventory would be needed).
  • Would not change the economy in game so long as the vendor sales cap remains at 30k. (Which I very much support staying at a reasonable number, I do not believe uncapped sales would be a beneficial change for anyone).
  • Would not change the economy outside of the game, as the out of game traders already use ammo, junk, etc. anyway. (Really this change is for those of us who use vending machines as they cannot accept ammo or junk in place of caps).
  • Would allow those of us who like to play as merchants to do so without constant monitoring and micro-management of our caps and vending machines.
  • Could actually reduce some DB bloat as those who would be interested in the 30k+ caps which have weight would be trading off storage space otherwise used for items, which would be a single value as opposed to however armour, weapons, etc are stored.
  • Adds potential for new perk cards which lower the weight of caps (If 30k+ allowed in character inventory).
  • Adds potential for 1st or ATOM shop "piggy bank", either as the overflow to hold 30k+ in the event character inventory is still limited to 30k, or as a scrap box type item to allow weightless storage in CAMP. Either way assists with the game earning revenue.
  • Really would add a lot of value for those of us who want this, with no real downside to those who do not.

I do really hope this can be considered, before I left I had thought it would never happen, however I have been very pleasantly surprised with some of the quality of life improvements that have been implemented while I was gone, not only things like we have in PTS right now, but things like discounts on bundles in the ATOM store if you already own some of the items; that is one that was brought up fairly regularly and no one really expect4ed to change, so I guess we never know!!

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