Character Inventory bug broke my character 10 weeks ago, all items were lost, Customer Support says “they can’t do nothing”

fallout 8 - Character Inventory bug broke my character 10 weeks ago, all items were lost, Customer Support says "they can't do nothing"

TL;DR my ingame character has been completely broken for 10 weeks, and Customer Support says that they have no means of fixing it, which is not true.

Big thanks to InnovSurvivalist for covering my story in her latest video, she explains everything in detail, watching this will give a clear view of my situation:

Hi, my name is Skormy, and I'm a hoarder!

Are you a fellow active player, a collector, a trader, or a hoarder perhaps? Have you ever wondered, what is the maximum number of unique items you can carry on the same character? Apparently I have stored too many unique weapons on the same character is what I can only guess. With all weapon weight reduction perks and wearing a full set of weapon weight reduction armor, at some point, at around 2000+ weapons, the character "broke" on 2020 November 16th: it cannot retrieve the full list of inventory items from the server anymore!

Have you ever wondered what happens to the average user's Support Ticket under the Lost Item section? Whether that item was lost to a bug, a broken game feature, or an official game update?

NOTHING! Because according to Bethesda Customer Services, "they do not have the tools to help" player data. Which is not quite true, and even if it was, why not develop it before releasing their always-online game title?

Despite how Bethesda Customer Services state that they "cannot fix or rollback my character to a working state", they could do it for AngryTurtle last year when the Vault94 raid fiasco happened last year. Proof:



My dear god how I've run out of patience after one dosen plus messages exchanged, escalating my ticket to the highest tier of customer support, just to get more copy-pasted, sugarcoated pleasantries exchanged, without any actual direct help or solution in sight.

My original Support Ticket's number was 201116-002414 and that ticket indeed went where all similar tickets go: into spam-oblivion, where you are always getting similar calming responses from the same book, over and over again, until you have tried everything and give up, and then the ticket closes itself after one week of "inactivity".

I kept getting the promise that a future patch will fix my issue, heavily implying Patch 25, which it did not fix, so I have contacted Bethesda Customer Services again.

My current active Support Ticket number is 210118-004189 and for the life of me, I would like to have my character reverted into a state of proper working order, because it is an outrageous meme that in 2021 a so called "Tripple-A Live Service Game" can get away with character data corruption and no direct solution offered by their Customer Services to fix it

Yes, sadly my fellow vault dwellers, this involves all of your accounts and character data safety!

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