Cheat Engine “ban wave”: Responsibility (or lack thereof) in reporting

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Cheat Engine "ban wave": Responsibility (or lack thereof) in reporting

I have been following this "ban wave" story very closely from the very beginning and I have to say that I am a little concerned with the veracity of the claims and the prevalence of this story in spite of that.

From what I can tell, pretty much everything can be traced back to the JuiceHead video titled "Fallout 76 is Banning Players (Wrongly?)". In this video it is implied that the users may have been banned for using client side mods, which led to many to take away from the video that players were being "banned for mods". This is troublesome to say the least but is not the worst part of it.

In the description of the video, sources are listed as evidence of the author's findings. I followed each of these links and was baffled that anyone would find them reasonable proof of anything. They were all posts made around the same time by what appear to be brand new or at least unused Reddit accounts. When I first checked them, they included very little information about the issue, they were merely claiming that they were banned and probably banned for using client side mods. The video included screenshots of emails, but those images were not originally in those posts.

About 24 hours after the Juicehead video, which included the text that was apparently in the ban emails, those posts were then updated to include the information the video mentioned, but only after the video was out for about a day. To make things more problematic, in this video, the author discusses exactly how emails can be spoofed and brings up the point that to be believable, all claims should use the same story and the same email.


After the original video, official news sites as reputable as Polygon have picked up the story, but for all of them, their primary source is the JuiceHead video and nothing else. This has led pope to state that this story is being "reported from multiple sources", but really there is only one source. The JuiceHead video. I believe that JuiceHead might have realized the damage that he could be responsible for, however, as in a more recent video he softens his wording and states more clearly that the people who he says were banned were probably banned for using cheat engine. That at least takes the heat off of client side mods a little, so I appreciate that.

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At this point, is it even believable that people were banned if it is so easy to spoof an email and the text that the email should include is so freely available? So few people have reported that they have been banned, I count a total of 4 posts claiming that they were banned and none of them are very convincing. Is anyone aware of an official response from Bethesda that these emails are legitimate? I feel like we should not believe any of this at all until we get an official response.

I am unfamiliar with all of the Bethesda employees on Reddit, but I do know of u/LoneVaultWanderer. Perhaps they can investigate the issue for the community?

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