“Circumstantial Evidence” in an Artificial world – Enclave Radio & the Raiders:: Fallout 3.

fallout 8 - "Circumstantial Evidence" in an Artificial world - Enclave Radio & the Raiders:: Fallout 3.

Hello, I recently posted stating that my interpretation of several connected game elements in Fallout 3 led me understand that the raiders in the Capital Wasteland, are caused by mind control tech in the Enclave Broadcast.

I would like to share this time line of connected details that lead me to these interupretation, and where to find them.

President Eden hacked Vault Tech HQ & the still connected vaults & the Museum of History.
He will tell you this if you get chummy with him in your conversation with him, specifically to detail how his voice was created.
Another terminal in Raven Rock details the use of a subtle suggestion program playing within the music protocol of the enclave radio broadcasts.
We now vault 92 is still connected to vault tec from the violin quest where you can locate the vault via vault tech head quarter.
Vault 92 had a secret sonic solider brainwashing experiment.
Vault 92 became a den of psychopathic rage and violence.
The falling of the vault into madness is detailed in several terminals hidden around the vault, and on the overseer terminal, i believe their is an error note about remote access corrupting a file.
In addition the patriotic man from megaton, if not destroyed I persume, can be found in Raven Rock, and you can help him escape, or blow it up with him still in there.
He is the only one in megaton who listens to it, and is excessively fervent about it.
Finally raider bases only play on radio station: Enclave.

To sum this up, The Enclave, through Eden's broadcasts, is attempting to make people more patriotic and want to be soldiers via tec from a failed vault experiment.
The experiment resulted in the deaths of everyone who was subjected to it by the extreme violence of their own hand. People do obsessively listen to the broadcast, and the raiders who seem to have no moral compass, and will actively attack anyone.
The only thing those raiders listen to is Enclave radio.

Some people have labeled this as circumstantial evidence, and I disagree, as I feel it is closer to narrative interpretation.

Circumstantial evidence is a term in law in the real world. Evidence in that case is something that can not be recreated, and must be made contextually relevant to seem like it proves a case. The real wold is random, and bonkers, and hard to keep track of.

These details are intentionally placed narrative elements in an 100% artificial world. Everything I mention? Had to be written and put it. They had to place the terminals in the level designs, write the logs, do the voice acting. This is a world created intentionally, to tell a story.

This is not like proving an exploit exists for a speed run, unfortunately, because it is a realization that took me 100s maybe 1000s of hours of game play to come to I doubled checked all the info once I realized what could be happening, because it seemed insane. But it seemed insane to me, a member of the real world.

Remember, also Eden is a computer that wants you to wipe out every Ghoul, every Super Mutant, everything he sees as non human. It is not that odd to think what he might consider human, might not even include humans.

So I am also speculating why this idea get a bad reaction out of people.
Some points of speculation:
As a player, you can side with the Enclave to some extent, and I find that, frankly, logistically, and morally a bad Idea.
The world ended to nuclear fire because of over militarization, and state control. The societies of the capital wasteland are certainly rough but stable. Even before my realization of this narrative, double checking of the facts, I never liked the Enclave, as the idea of hiding away in some base waiting for the world to develop enough to subjugate is cowardice.

I am surprised to see how many pro-enclave people there are in the community to be honest.
In Fallout 2 the where even more problematic narrative, but I also realize that most people just played Fallout 3s main story. They might never have gone to ghoul town. They might have attacked Uncle Leo instead of talking to them. These people might have just had to fight a bunch of feral ghouls, and super mutants, and the idea of wiping them out seemed like the most logical idea.


Problem is, that the super mutant vault was running out of FEV. Not more Super Mutants. With the introduction of commonly available fresh water to DC, as detailed in Broken Steele and "Aqua Cura" story line, ghouls would stop going feral at such a high rate. With out the Enclave Radio, the raiders "might have" have stopped, or morally reformed like that companion in Megaton. If Harold was correctly counciled, you might just be able to introduce plantlife back to DC, especially with the fresh water. Those plants, considering they where FEV modded, would die to Eden's toxins.

We know some of what happened to the Brotherhood of Steele from Fallout 4.

The world was rebuilding without the Enclave, and I find it to be possible to sympathize if you think violence solves every problem. The Fallout series has never been supportive of Fascism. It has always been critical of the idea that "control" makes people better people.

The Game came out in 2008. That was a weird year. Some people where very happy with the political changes in the US, some where furious. They burnt the new president in effigy. I think Liberal Gamers in the US did not feel that Fallout 3 was relevant to their hope of the real world, and Conservative Gamers literally thought their world was ending. I just really wanted to explore the world of the game, and I put in at least 500 hours before triggering the Enclave narrative change.

I think, if anyone out there enjoys a good story about the story for survival, and feel a little out of place in current US politics, go play Fallout 3. Not to win it, just to be there and learn from the characters there.
I refined my build to get the most dialog options, and be able to assess the most secrets as quickly as possible.
I went with Science, Repair, and Lockpick, I also had like 4 strength, 6 perception, 4 endurance, 8 charisma 8 intelligence 4 agility, and 5 luck.
I am not sure this is an accurate build TBH. but basically, I maximized my chances for passing skill tests, and speech challenges. Combat was much much harder, but I would fight smart, and quick saved religiously.

I wanted to know the story of the world, and honestly I put RP retrictions on myself, so I haven't even seen all of it.
I never blew up Megaton, nor intentionally did anything that would inflict negative karma. Negative karma was pretty gross to get tbh, and it would hurt my chances for talking to people.

I never talked to the Talon company, because they kept jumping me, but I am sure there is a whole story there that would be fascinating. I did destroy their base once, but it was just endless violence, and felt pointless. I would go into the depth of raider settlements, for loot, but was always confused. Their whole life style seemed so random, and pointless, when the rest of the world had depth and meaning. I remember why I noticed the radios. After clearing out the various raider bases. I would turn off the radios. I guess I felt like, I was putting them to "sleep" or to "rest." Mourning my victims is a weird way to put it, but I honestly felt bad for wiping them out when I just wanted to know more about them, and resources. I was too weak to take most of their gear too, because most of what they had was too heavy. I actually devised an algorithm for looting since mt carry capacity sucked. Basically, a item needed to to be 10 caps per a pound to be worth taking if I was only going to sell it. So raiders where worthless to kill for loot, but each of their bases was different. It felt like each one had this story of violence, chaos, and fear. They seemed to have half formed ideas, and where still very dangerous. Like Megaton almost got invaded by raider tunneling in from underground via the school building in the nearby town.

When I went into a raider base post raven rock, I noticed the radio was static, which was…..wrong. I realized, they had been listening to the enclave radio. I had been reading the terminal notes, and Eden was brainwashing people intentionally with his music, they said so themselves.

I admit I could be wrong, but Fallout 3 is an incredibly bittersweet world, with a massive amount of hope, if you look for it.

TLDR: Fascism and Nationalism are bad, and you should feel bad.

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