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Coming from a mid-level casual player, One-Wasteland is absolutely grueling and miserable

fallout 4 - Coming from a mid-level casual player, One-Wasteland is absolutely grueling and miserable

I'm a relatively new player, came in with the Xbox Gamepass PC wave. I downloaded Fallout 76 because I'm a huge Fallout fan, but had been turned away by the very, very shaky launch.

But for the past month or so, I had been loving Fallout 76. It was a lot of things I've always wanted from a Fallout. NV's surviving and weapon durability, 4's gunplay and crafting/customization, and the Hardcore mode's restricted fast travel and eating/drinking.

I'm around level 30, and was cruising through before the patch, taking it slow and casual, really soaking in each location and all the little quests and world-building. I usually play MMO's this way, ensuring I'm over-leveled for the location, grinding a couple of places before moving onto the next. Because one-shotting low-level enemies is fun for me after a full day of classes and work.

But One-Wasteland ruined that. I seriously can't progress any more. I'm out of ammo, out of scrap, all my guns and armor are totally ruined, my newly acquired Power Armor is trashed (I suspect this is done purposely to encourage people to buy repair packs on the Atom Store). I've chosen mainly exploration, surviving, and customizing/crafting perks, as that's what I enjoy from 76, so I have no way to form any "build". The weapons I used before hand were all snipers/semi-auto rifles and pistols, which I understand were hit by the nerf the hardest. So I'm just, completely screwed.

I highly dislike having to pour over forums for optimal builds and strict perk choices just to have a fighting chance, but that seems to be the audience Bethesda is catering to with this direction.


To think just a few days ago I was really considering getting Fallout 1st and convincing my friends to join, but after this patch, I simply have no desire to play. Being killed by mongrels and ghouls at the starting location just because I'm desperately trying to find lead to make more ammo, that isn't fun.

Casual players and low/mid level players were utterly shafted with this update, and until they fix it, I literally can't play anymore, much less buy Fallout 1st.

EDIT: Just to add, something I've noticed. Almost all the posts praising One-Wasteland are from lvl200+ players who are deeply committed to a good build. It makes sense they would enjoy it, as I imagine it added some challenge, but not enough to totally ruin their play style. If you find yourself enjoying One-Wasteland, please, try to make a new character, and just use weapons that should be fun, not the meta. You'll find its borderline unplayable.

Another EDIT, cause some people still don't get it:
Unless you were high leveled or set up with some good legendary weapons before the update, when it was easy to grind the Uranium Mine event for scrip, this update is impossible. Unless you had a good build and prioritized combat perks, this patch is impossible. Stop telling people to get a "vampire" or "unyielding" or this or that legendary, we have no scrip. Stop telling people to "work on your build", we can't level up cause we can't kill anything.

There is a savage divide between playerbases here, and if half the playerbase is saying that this game is no longer fun, while the other half is saying that they can't see a difference, then this patch is terrible.

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    Jose Ole
    Sep 16, 2020 8:29 pm

    Agree with a lot of what I’m seeing here. The general earnings for effort/resources used per enemy are about on par with killing a scorchbeast without “having heart of the enemy” active – lots of wasted ammo for little payout.

    Only been playing a couple of months so i’m still lv 100ish, but I made the mistake to go with a sneak/sniper set up rather than power armor/heavy guns. It works great for exploring in the game, but is terrible for most events (hordes especially since they seem to be designed around high defense and dps items instead of one shot criticals). The new update really hurts my already deficient playstyle since I’m having to use more ammo to clear out a zone to get the same ammount of loot as previously.

    (an example is westec where I could previously one/two shot the super mutants there now require 3-5 shots gaining a bit more exp than before; a bit over 2x ammo used for a bit less than 2x the exp, so about even but slightly favoring the game, however, the same static quantity of loot is at the location, thus a bit more than doubling my resource usage to aquire the same items. More exp is nice, but once you hit lv 50 you no longer get special points, and once the lv 100 trophy is unlocked, what’s the point of gaining more besides re-spec of your character and unlocking more perks that you may have missed?)

    This equally hurts since the limit for caps earned from shops, legendary scrip limits, and prices still remain the same. Without low level areas to farm, which provide nice resource quantities for little resource investment, it feels like the game is purposefully trying to drain my earnings to get me to spend real world money on atoms (which I absolutely will not, bad enough I spent $18 on this game plus the 2 soon to be 3 payments of $10 for psplus, although it has given me my money’s worth for spending time online with friends who live far away and allowed me to unlock some online trophies for other games stuck behind the psplus paywall). The best solution seems to be start a new character geared toward power armor and miniguns, re-spec my current character to this style, or just slog through the game as is until the last couple of trophies I need are unlocked, then call it good. Since I have to start a second character anyway to get the siding with the opposite faction trophy (one playthrough for raiders, one for settlers), the first option seems to be my go-to, then follow up with the third option ūüėõ

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