COMING SOON – “The Last Days of Appalachia” a Fallout 76 Podcast Miniseries

fallout 6 - COMING SOON - “The Last Days of Appalachia” a Fallout 76 Podcast Miniseries

Last Days of Appalachia

A Fallout 76 Podcast Mini-series

After the nukes dropped on October 23rd, 2077, the survivors of Appalachia began to form the factions which would struggle to rebuild, defend, or pillage, depending on their motivations. The Enclave plotted to finish the war with China from its bunker below the Whitespring, while the Free-Staters looked forward to a future without Government interference.

The Responders, a group of police, fire-fighters, doctors and citizen volunteers banded together to help those in need and bring order from chaos and rebuild Appalachia. David Thorpe and his Raider Gangs became the scourge of the region, taking what they wanted from whomever they wanted, building a kingdom for themselves in the Savage Divide.

And Taggerdy’s Thunder joined the Brotherhood of Steel, to find and safeguard technology for the future.

None of them were prepared for what came next.

This special Fallout 76 Podcast mini-series will follow each of these factions in their final days and hours, and reveal the stories of “The Last Days of Appalachia.”

ENCLAVE – “Live by the Sword”

Enclave President Thomas Eckhart unleashed all manner of horrors on the people of Appalachia in his mad desire to gain access to the region’s Nuclear Silos and finish the war with China, once and for all.

But when you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

In 2086, an Enclave Patrol finds itself cut off and lost deep in the Mire…communications with the Whitespring Bunker have fallen silent and old experiments are turning on their creators.

We follow the final days of the last Enclave survivors in our Fallout 76 Podcast Mini-Series episode “The Last Days of Appalachia – Live by the Sword”

BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL – “Bitter Defiance”

“Operation Touchdown” has failed. Paladin Taggerdy and her best men died in a valiant stand in the Glassed Cavern. Now the Scorched are massing, Scorchbeasts fill the air, and the horde is bearing down on the remaining defenders of Fort Defiance.

We relive the final day of the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel and learn the fates of Knight “Tex” Rogers, Squire Grant, and Squire Rosen in our Fallout 76 Podcast Mini-Series episode, “The Last Days of Appalachia – Bitter Defiance.”

RAIDERS – “A Walk with Ozymandias”


David Thorpe became the Raider King of Appalachia, fashioning a group of wealthy tourists into the vicious Raider Gangs which terrorized the survivors of the region. From Top of the World, he was the master of all he could survey.

Then came the Scorched Plague. This wasn’t an enemy he could outthink, outfight or outrun…and now an infected King stumbles through his ruined kingdom and wonders where it all went wrong.

Relive the final hours of the Raiders of Appalachia in the Fallout 76 Podcast Mini-Series episode “Last Days of Appalachia – A Walk with Ozymandias.”

RESPONDERS – “Last Stand at Point Pleasant”

The Responders were the best hope for the rebuilding of Appalachia. In 2082, the tragic “Christmas Flood” destroyed Charleston…but the Responders endured.

In 2096, the Scorched overran the Morgantown Airport, chasing the remnants to the banks of the Ohio River with whatever survivors they could find. In the end, they ran out of men, guns, and most importantly…time.

Relive the final day of the Responders in the Fallout 76 Podcast Mini-Series episode, “Last Days of Appalachia – Last Stand at Point Pleasant.”

FREE-STATES – “Abbie’s Lament”

There had been a time when the factions of Appalachia might have worked together to defeat the Scorched. Each one had a piece of the puzzle…but in-fighting and mutual distrust doomed them all. In one Free State Bunker, Abigayle Singh tried to single-handedly turn the tide…and leave a message of hope for the future.

In the end, Abbie grabs her pack and leaves the safety of her bunker for the unknown. She steps into a world overrun by the monsters…perhaps one of the last people in Appalachia. Where is she going? And what happened to her?

We follow in Abigayle’s footsteps in our final installment of our Fallout 76 Podcast Mini-Series “The Last Days of Appalachia – Abbie’s Lament.”

Scripts are in process and we’ll keep the community informed on our progress. In the meantime, check out our podcast, The MODUS Files for more regular episodes.

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