Coming to a server near you, Mole-Miner Marty’s Meandering Market Merchandise

fallout 6 - Coming to a server near you, Mole-Miner Marty's Meandering Market Merchandise

Howdy there Folks, It's Me your Boi Marty the Mole Miner 'ere Fresh with Blood (And Sales) STRAIGHT from the Wasteland. I've search far and wide for you, YES YOU to offer you this fine piece of gear right here! Now for me this item is a Primo little jewel for someone with your potential kid! For me? Now I know what cha thinkin- "Marty! Why have you ran up to my house, covered in blood, pointing a gun at me and offering to sell me this one item?"

Well I'll Tell ya Kid, It's because of those Conniving Computerized Con-Artists out there at those Train Stations and Super Duper Marts kid. Swindlers EVERY ONE OF EM! But me? Marty! Nah kid I offer people like you DEALS, specifically chosen to benefit YOU, the Consumah! That's right, you don't have to worry about no Arbitrary random server hop to find just what you are looking for I offer select items nothing more or less! If I got what you want GREAT we can talk business If not I'm OUTTA there.

Besides pal, I've heard bout you. Your a Vault Dweller right? That means two things Kid! TWO THINGS. One, you're either inexperienced or open-minded enough to not tell a stranger soaked in blood offering you a free market on his wares No without a good reason right? And Two, You're Caps are authentic

SO WHADDYA SAY CHUM? I got just the items for ya and deals that you won't find from not Wandering Super Mutant or Struttering Protectron. And unlike those Smucks, I'll Seek you!


So A few of you out there in PC land may have heard this pitched your way in Voice Chat a few times from a Unsettling Mole Miner in this outfit here… https://imgur.com/eDZUMoP And to hear a bit of the Skit…. https://soundcloud.com/ryan-j-klautzer/marty-the-mole-miner

Occasionally, I get to feeling up for some forcibly Aggressive Merchant Role-play with folks out there in Appalachia. Traditionally I'll find a good piece of gear that is something I just can't convince myself to destroy or discard. Additionally I tend to hate carrying around the item and waiting for merchants to reset. So instead I have fun with it. I've been a Game Master and Role-Player for a long time and been told all my life I need to get into either radio or Voice Acting (I work call center jobs)

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So any chance I get to let loose really feels great and people are blow away by the performances and humor involved. It's a blast and I love the idea of someone who is keeping the idea of Solicitors and Door to Door Salesmen alive and well in Fallout 76.

Thought I would share the skit with you all since it's Christmas and I can't contribute anything else as amazing as some of you out there 🙂

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