Communication/Community Building Needs Work In This Game + Some Ideas

fallout 7 - Communication/Community Building Needs Work In This Game + Some Ideas

Something that kind of irks me in this game is that it is very difficult at times to talk to another player. Getting help to take down a legendary, informing them of some hidden loot, a quest near by, etc. While we do have the voice, that has its own limitations. On top of that, not everyone likes to talk in voice. Some days when I get home from work I don't feel like talking. And I don't think I'm the only one considering how few people I see using voice (not that there are none, but they seem to be the minority).

That being said, I do see some pros of there being no in game chat. I'm sure from the console perspective it works significantly better. There may be less toxicity than normal too. As with many games, I see more toxicity in chat than I do over voice comms. So with all that being said, I still think that the overall communication between players needs work. Especially if you want to consider adding in more "group focused" content like the vault. Having an easily to use and accessible method of comms is useful when getting a variety of players to attempt the content.

  1. Flare Guns. What if flare guns throw up a map point to everyone in a region (Ash Heap, Forest, Divide, Mire, Bog). Only people within your same region see it. All players within that region can teleport to that point for the duration of the flare for free. There would be somewhere between a 15-30 minute cooldown on the flare. And also a radius restriction so you don't have 5-10 people spamming it in one area. It's not much, but I think it would give the more helping kind of players something to look for when a newbie calls for aid.
  2. I would love to see some more clan support. Including ingame. Ranging from gear, to perks, and settlement interactions. Could be something as simple as clans having vertibirds that travel between their camps allowing clan members to travel in them. Or even making it all t he clan members can "sacrifice" their camp placing abilities and instead have a clan base settlement that all clan members can spawn into it. It being bigger than a normal settlement too. The ability for clans to adopt an ideology. I.E, joining a faction without actually being in that faction. Getting themed items as a result.
  3. More simple emotes that help communicate common times when you need other players. Something that says "legendary enemy over here" would be nice.
  4. Perks that benefit random players/don't require you to actually be on a team. Not sure if its a balance thing, but you have a ton of charisma perks that benefit teammates. But those benefits don't impact random players. I personally hardly ever see them used in game. If I could just go up and help a random player with my charisma perks without trying to get them to join a team, that would be nice.

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