Communication: What we wanted/expected vs what we got

fallout 5 - Communication: What we wanted/expected vs what we got

First of all I would like to say to the community managers its not your fault, we understand you are not making decisions and our frustrations are with the management and devs. but holy F#$%#@ can we at least have some developers communicate with the community about things.

A big example is the new event that has been delayed for the "coming weeks"… We just had an inside the vault released how many days ago? Why not be upfront with the community and just tell us then instead of waiting until everyone is excited and releasing it in the patch notes after the servers go down? Sure the community would be disappointed but we would accept that and appreciate that the event needs to launch working but zero communication at all is frustrating as hell. Plus not everyone reads the patch notes!

What we wanted: A fix for the fast travel bug
What we expected: Well we really hoped it would be fixed as it is extremely frustrating and getting worse
What we got: Some comments on various Reddit posts that it is a priority and the team is working on it?

What we wanted: VATS bug to be fixed
What we expected: Well we hoped it would be fixed
What we got: Some comments on various Reddit posts that it is a priority and the team is working on it?

What we wanted: The rest of the mods for the secret service armour
What we expected: Well the deep pocketed mods for the secret service armour as per the patch notes
What we got: Yet another bugged release that doesn't work

What we wanted: The colossus problem event that has been hyped and promised
What we expected: Well after all the information given to us by Bethesda we expected the event
What we got: Well after an initial delay, the PTS feedback saying the event is ready and past ITV's telling us it will release with the patch we had no indication of any delays until after the patch notes dropped

What we wanted: Interior walls to be able to put wallpaper on both sides of a wall, bigger camp. Bigger camp budget to utilise all the new items that keep getting released.
What we expected: To wait for the instanced interiors or the bunker system teased by the dev's
What we got: Disabling one of the most versatile and creative ways to create camps that most of the community has done, not to mention anyone into camp building that sees guides or watches camp building on YouTube sees the creativity and wants to try something different. Plus the new CAMP skin that disables fast travel to your camp and doesn't show your vendors anymore.

What we wanted: An easy way to sell or exchange ammo. Then we wanted a usable interface for the ammo converter that is just like the current interface we have for vendors and stash with a sliding bar because its simple
What we expected: A much improved user interface
What we got: Something more complex, though it does require less clicking there is still not even a way to see how much ammo you have without exiting and going into your Pipboy and something that genuinley confuses the community on who designed this? Who thought this was a great design and approved it? Who tested it?

What we wanted: A fix to the Scorchbeast Queen not being able to be crippled as it was a tactical way to experience the fight
What we expected: well based on CM comments on Reddit we expected this to be fixed with this patch
What we got: A continued experience of RNG hoping she will land since with a bullet sponge that has had its only real tactics removed. This has been bugged since Wastelanders released so how many new players have joined since then that have never been able to experience the fight the way seasoned players have?

What we wanted: The current BOS community challenge to be engaging and involve BOS items for donations
What we expected: Scrip, Chance to get some cool rare plans as per the treasure hunter event, new chances at BOS skins, outfits and power armour paints etc
What we got: Disappointment. Alcohol, radaway and generic plans that are in many camp vendors by the hundreds and some caps. Seriously many veterans will be dropping the drinks, aid items plans etc and the caps for many seasoned players are already plentiful. We understand this can be a help to new players so why design an event targeted to the veterans doing all the donating? Not even a chance for a single BOS plan in the mix? Just donate all your resources for a flag? No chance at getting scrip? The new rewards are already made so we cant trade them without opening them first. You want to combat dupers yet you unbanned many of them with the duped items still in the inventory.

What we wanted: Freezer or a way to preserve food
What we expected: A freezer or canning option
What we got: A fridge that is not as good as the good with salt perk that still does not go far in preserving food where many recipes often involve a lot of grinding for ingredients. Can we get a freezer added to the secret service vault? Hell as a commando build that has already purchased the secret service build I need things to spend my 300+ treasury notes on

What we wanted: An adjustment to hunger and thirst because eating 3 meals and drinking 5 waters every 10 minutes was excessive, better ways to utilise recipes that require complex ingredients and a lot of farming (See Freezer)
What we expected: A simple adjustment to how quickly it depletes to create a better balance
What we got (getting): According to Dev Q&A they are removing the de-buff from hunger and thirst making players no longer need to eat or drink which we never asked for and many dont want as its more changes that make the game far too easy and removes all sense of balance


What we wanted: An easy way to manage our daily quests and when they have reset
What we expected: easier notifications of what daily quests are available to us without needing to jump around the map hoping for it to activate
What we got: A terminal that has since been seemingly forgotten that only keeps track of Biv and 2 possum scout dailies

What we wanted: A way to track vendor purchases through our personal terminal you put which also gives it some functionality
What we expected: Some kind of way to simply keep track of notifications as we cant always see them
What we got: Silence

What we wanted: Cool new ways to customise our characters and make them our own with personal touches,
What we expected: Updates to the ATOM store with some new items added in game
What we got: A gillie suits for secret service armour that blocks views in first person, bugged cosmetics that require over a month to fix

What we wanted: New weapons, Skins for popular weapons like The Fixer
What we expected: New weapons and skins added to the atom store or rewards for events
What we got: A skin for the Fatman, a skin for the Dragon which are hardly common weapons, a broken skin for the Handmade that required a future fix that should of been a new weapon

What we wanted: Perk load outs (I know PC has mods but console doesn't), the ability to turn off the prompts to open card packs after a certain point, passive perks for things like lock-picking etc as we arent doing this in a fight, its not giving an unfair advantage it is simply saving us having to go through mutliple menus to swap some cards around then swap them back
What we expected: Perk loud outs strangely at a later date and legendary perks coming first (Why not fix the current perk system with load outs first?)
What we got (getting): A complicated perk point coin system that punishes players for opening card packs and losing duplicates, that punishes players that have used level ups to re-spec their characters and try new builds and only after disappointment from the community is getting some perks that actually seem useful. Can we please just abandon forcing us to need to scrap perk cards for coins and just base it on our level?

What we wanted: An easy way to trade items not simply sell them for caps
What we expected: Well even fallout 4 had that accept option after everything was loaded before final purchase
What we got: Silence

What we wanted: The ability to separate armour and clothing
What we expected: Well on PC there are mods to make it easier but nothing for console:
What we got: Apparently the dev's know its a requested feature?

What we wanted: Challenging areas/dungeons
What we expected: A challenge (Give us a line in the sand style event with super mutants, Project paradise we can initiate like the Encryptid event)
What we got (getting): laggy vault raids now removed and no indication of return, the burrows which apart from easy ghoul killing XP has little replay incentive, survival mode which has been scrapped and an announced One Wasteland that has been stated a level 1 and a level 100 will require approximately the same amount of ammo to kill the same creature with scaling difficulty (I cant be the only one that loved the way it was/is now with having to earn your way to explore the map and the sense of pride that comes from seeing how far your character has come?)

The sad thing is this list is not a comprehensive list and covers some of the things regarding the most recent patch and a few other things I can think of. The community still has many things we would at least like a response from the dev's such as why a person with a backpack can carry more than advanced walking tanks that is Power Armour?

The community managers can only do so much with the information they are given but the direction of management of this game is seriously questionable at best. If there are reasons for certain changes then tell us, if there are delays then tell us. Do not think of us ungrateful as we are here because we love this game and we want it to be great, we have stuck around through all the problems so communication is not much to ask for. The constant crashes and disconnects are more forgivable when we see the good but with changes that hinder the enjoyment of the game add on top of it with little to no reason given then it gets harder and harder to defend. The fallout community is one of the most loyal community around so engage with us, work with us and not against us. Bridge the disconnect.

There have been many things added that we are grateful for and we have not forgotten such as the backpacks, the sheepsquatch quest line and we all try to remember them but with the most recent events they can really be overshadowed by negativity.

P.S. Sorry for the long rant. I am tired, frustrated that my greatest escape from reality and the social distancing not seeing family has been this game which seems to be getting worse as on top of everything this update completely wiped all my photos. Photos I have had since launch and I am on Xbox so I can never restore them to loading screens again.

Did I miss anything on your list?

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