Community Appreciation Story-time.

fallout 7 - Community Appreciation Story-time.

I fast travelled to a player’s camp in the Mire by Harper’s Ferry, immediately as I spawn in I see 3 sets of power armour forming a staircase to get onto a tree, with a level 600+ named Margie-something dressed in raider gear emoting at the top to me. This is my new toon just having got Starched Genes, but I don’t have Marsupial yet. Margie obviously wants me to come up, but my piddly little jump wasn’t cutting it, so she dropped me a Marsupial Serum, legend.

I make my way up the power armour onto the tree, but Margie keeps going up and up, I feel in my gut something cool is about to happen. I follow her to her camp in the sky, pretty damn high up, we get to a greenhouse with 3 vendors inside and she jumps on the banjo while I peruse. Absolutely legendary stock, some really good weapons, something like 59 3 stars, all with good effects. I grabbed an AAE 10mm because this is my foray into a pistol build, so I'm stoked. Once I buy and emote-thank her, she drops me a near-perfect roll Berserkers Swing-speed Shishkebab, and motions me to follow.

Well.. She had arranged a precarious winding path out of wall conduits, those really thin ones, pretty difficult to not fall off of, for quite a stretch, punctuated by magazine racks which made not falling even harder. At the end was the 4th vending machine. I made it after having nearly fell quite a few times, wondering, what’s in that machine?

Well.. Two notes. “Hey Man”, “We Need To Talk…”


I leave the machine laughing and emoting only to see that suddenly a Grognak’s Throne and a sort-of lounge had appeared built atop a whole bunch of floating rugs. Margie must’ve had a blueprint at the ready. I’m beyond stoked at how genius of a player she is at this point. It’s photo time apparently, and she motions for me to sit on the throne. I sit, and enter photo mode because I want to remember this.

I manage to take a picture pretty quickly, but suddenly out springs a floor trap! (I did notice that “DIEHARDS” was written in neon in the greenhouse, so I felt something was coming) I am flung very far very fast, heading towards what looks like a body of water deep enough to survive the fall, but as I’m flying I’m glitched back to where the throne is/was (I think being in photo mode made this bug out a bit). But old Margie had taken down the blueprint, and I fell to my death.

She revived me and I tried to thank her profusely with emotes, because that was just an awesome experience, I won’t forget it. I’m 99% sure that the floor trap would’ve flung me into water, which is just insane to think about how one would set that up.

Been having a bit of a roughy time as of late and this made me smile and laugh.

So, thank you Margie. I wish there was a way to message you. If by chance you are on here, know that you are a legend.

This community is great. Something wholesome always happens when I hop on, and I can’t say that about any other game I own.

I hope you are all well, and remember, all this sort of good-stuff doesn’t go unappreciated.

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