Community Votes (via poll) for Content POST-Wastelanders

fallout 7 - Community Votes (via poll) for Content POST-Wastelanders

The first year has officially passed and with that being said I’ve done some reflecting. This year has felt like a trial and failure effort by the developers. By that I mean they’ve basically been creating content based off what they feel the community mosts wants via forums and reddit feedback.

Instead of that, allow the community to vote on what content we want next! Release a poll in the months after wastelanders asking what we want and let us vote! Example:

What would you Vault Dwellers like to see coming Summer 2020:

1) New Vault Raid – A brand new vault raid with an end-game raider boss. The raid is loaded with challenging boss mechanics (new ability designs), CAMP decorations & an emote, a new armor set, and lore attached to the raid.

2) Shenandoah Valley Region – A brand new region with two new factions (farmable reputation), over 5 new weapons, 10 outfits, and 15 quests. This zone also adds 2 brand new mutations to Fallout 76!

3) Ammo Crafting Table – Imagine what New Vegas had but expanded upon since its 2019. The ability to break down and convert ammunition, new ammo types, etc. NOT ATOMIC SHOP ITEMS. This feature is earned via quest reward after completing a brand new three part quest chain!

4) Wavy Willards Extravaganza (New Event) – When players nuke Wavy Willards it will spawn a brand new end-game boss, Crocolossus. This boss is a massive crocodile and the adds are rad-serpents (lore fits with Wavy Willards rides). Crocolossus has a chance to drop a unique weapon (and plan) as well as legendary version & a Baby Croc' Outfit + Hat. New photo mode frame upon completion and chance for event to reward players with CAMP items.

5) Bug Fixes – Self-explanatory.


6) Biv’s Back! – An expansion to the brewing crafting system! Over 20 new alcoholic beverages to craft, a five-part quest chain starting at the tattoo parlor in Morgantown, and new camp decorations.

7) Daily Quest Reward Rework – A rework to the daily reward system. We will look at adding new items only obtainable through completing daily rewards in Appalachia as well as ways to make daily quests more worthwhile for players. This rewards will include: more experience and scrip, new outfits, CAMP items, and more.

8) Adventure Mode Legendary Weapon Challenges – brings back weekly unique legendary weapons (from survival mode) and these weapons have a unique weapon skin this time around.

Bethesda, fill the polls with whatever you want. Even content you’re already working on. The whole point is to remove the feeling of helplessness from your community as we want to feel that we have an impact on game direction.

SIDE NOTE – Personally I don’t feel like everyone should be able to vote. Old School Runescape only allows people with skill ratings of 200 to vote in their polls (they do something similar) and its smart. I’ve been here since closed-beta and say I want the new region as I feel the content would add more longevity and given their track record a raid might not be a good idea. New players come in with Wastelanders and vote a new raid into existence. New raid sucks and new players quit. Old players get owned. If these were to exist, I feel only accounts with at least ONE level 50 should be considered invested enough to take part in the polls.

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