complaining about pvp.

fallout 6 - complaining about pvp.

I have really high high endurance.I am level 202?? over 200

Blocker +45% melee reduction

fireproof 45% fire and explosion reduction

lone wander plus 20% damage reduction

and dodgy plus 30% damage reduction

phsycotat plus 15% damage reduction.

plus medic for super strong stim packs.

ALL of that and I am wearing X-01 power armor and I still get cut down like nothing.

I can face tank 3 scorch beasts at the same time and barely take any damage.

HOW?? WHY ??? WTF !! everyone says "you shouldnt be pvping in power armor" well I play fallout 76 specifically for power armor and laser gatling. its my favorite thing ! if theres no power armor there's not much reason for me to play. and the laser gatling is fun as heck even if it is a bit low damage I really want to use that. I prefer taking a powerplant and farming the fusion cores VS server hopping and killing whitespring robots. so I play the game as if I were there. To me I play it as the devs intended. but then pvpers show up from time to time. usually in the evening after school lets out. I am doomed every time. doesn't seem to matter if I'm spamming super stims. I'm usually dead before I can even get my laser gatling to spin up.

I don't see a way to make my guy any tankier. there is nothing left perk wise for me to do.

Are they cheating? stacking bobbleheads? is bloody build just that broken? is my power armor just not working correctly? is this as devs intend?

It just sucks. I could change my build to be more pvp oriented and ditch the power armor and laser gat. but there's just no point to the pvp if I do. the only reason I take the workshops is to farm fusion cores for my gatling. If I don't need fusion cores I don't need powerplants.

Not once have a taken shop from another player even when I could. I show up to other players shops all the time to help them defend it. I help out random strangers. I should be able to farm fusion cores without signing up to be a victim or server hopping. tonight was a kick in the gut.


A. he kicked my butt super hard and super fast (might as well not be wearing armor)

B. he destroyed my junk collecter in my camp. (just because??)

C. he took posiden and the three fusion cores that were ready to be collected.

D. he cost me a good amount of caps that I worked hard for. I didn't get the caps in pvp I got them over time working for them.

E. he said to "get on my level scrub" Which I assume means getting the cookie cutter assassins sentinel crap.

Friggin hate the pvp aspect of the game. its gimmicky, glitchy, easily exploited, and why are these fools still in adventure mode when they have a whole server for pvp. oh wait I Know why, cause they're dbags.

WTF bethesda why have you enabled these dbags. WHY are you allowing pvp at all in adventure mode now.

FOR THE RECORD. my camp has welcome friends signs all over it, nothing is locked, people are welcome to use or take anything from it. At the power plant the fusion core generator was unlocked. again peeps are welcome, he contested it specifically to kill me for caps and to give me a hard time.

for you 98 % fallout 76ers bless you all you're the best community I have seen in ages. for every douchebag I have to deal with I deal with hundreds of pretty nice peeps.its kind of amazing really and all of you positive beacons of light out there are why I stick with the game.

for you 2% derp derp fight monkeys. just go play rust or something. or better yet GO PLAY ON YOUR SHINEY NEW PVP SERVER.

I don't normally rant but I had to get this off my chest. If I at least had a fighting chance I wouldn't be so mad. right now if you're in anything but the cookie cutter pvp builds you're nothing but free source of caps. I hate it I really do.

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