Complete guide to basic ammo making.

fallout 3 - Complete guide to basic ammo making.

I saw a post about this earlier but figured I'd put the info together in a more concise manner, along with my own knowledge.


  • Ammosmith
  • Super Duper
  • Scrapper


  • Excavator Power Armor
    • Acquired through Miner Miracles in the Ash Heap, interact with a poster advertising the power armor to start the quest
    • When equipped, you will get 4 times the ore when collecting from ore veins
    • This armor also adds 100 carry weight, and modding both legs to be Calibrated will increase this by 100 more, for a total of 200 extra carry weight
  • Tinkerer's Workbench
    • To make ammo
  • Chemistry Workbench
    • To make gunpowder

MATERIALS (and where to get them)

  • General
    • Go into the junk tab and mark the scrap items you need for search, a magnifying glass will appear next to them in the wasteland
    • If you need plastic, Morgantown High School has a lot of plastic plates in the gymnasium and other plastic items scattered throughout, and not much further from here, there is a cat lady house that has many cat bowls, collecting both of these locations plastic usually nets about 200 plastic
  • Lead
    • Go to Lucky Hole Mine in Excavator Armor, and search the entirety of the interior high to low for lead ore veins. Over time you will remember the ore locations. (i personally recommend the glowing ore mod for those who have trouble finding the veins)
    • Lucky Hole Mine needs 24 hours to reset ore veins in most cases and from personal experience
  • Steel
    • Go to West-Tek Research Center prepared for a fight, kill all super mutants and collect their guns, scrapping the guns at a workbench with the Scrapper perk equipped yields about 19 steel each for Assault Rifles (also grab any gunpowder on their bodies)
    • Hopping servers will usually result in a fresh West-Tek and mutants can be killed just about as much as you want/need
    • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort has many random junk items lying around that will have steel, and at least 4 hanging can traps
  • Acid
    • Needed to smelt ore and make gunpowder
    • Hemlock Holes has three acid extractors, providing 30 acid per half hour
    • 3 Snallygasters will spawn at Toxic Larry's Meat n' Go, with 4-6 acid on each one
    • 2 Yao Guai spawn at Dolly Sods Wilderness, 1 will be visible in front of you when fast traveling, and another is on the trail to Dolly Sods Campground, each will have 3-5 acid on them
    • Snallygasters and Yao Guai can be killed multiple times via server hopping, but you will lose Hemlock Holes if you do so
  • Cloth
    • Needed for gunpowder crafting
    • 100 Pre-War Money will be in the chest at the end of Collision Course in the Morgantown Airport
    • Prize-Bot random spawn occasionally gives the player money
    • Cigarettes/cig packs/cig cartons give cloth when scrapped


  • Equip Super-Duper/Ammosmith/Scrapper (if not equpped already)
  • Craft gunpowder and smelt lead ore at Chemistry Workbench
  • Scrap guns
  • Craft the ammo of your choosing at the Tinkerer's Workbench

Hope this helps anyone who needs it. If any of this information is incorrect/out of date, or anyone has extra information to add, feel free to reply.

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