Compliments to Fallout 76

fallout 5 - Compliments to Fallout 76

Although the game is not the great single player experience many of us hoped for, Fallout 76 is still a great game in my opinion. When it was announced I had some concerns but when playing the beta tonight I saw a lot of issues I thought about potentially happening worked out. The gameplay at its core combines my favorite parts of fallout 4 and fallout new Vegas. The armor system, weapon mods, and survival stats make the game a lot more fun especially with other players. The game works exactly as I hoped a multiplayer fallout would be. The ability to build bases with your friends, hang out, and complete objectives as a team is a great experience that I have been waiting for. Although you might not personally like it because it doesn’t have a world changing story or a single player mode, try to find some people to play with even by introducing yourself in game. I met some nice people just by walking around and helping them fight. Give this game a chance at the very least and hopefully you will come to enjoy as much as I do.



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