Concept: fishing Appalachia

fallout 6 - Concept: fishing Appalachia

Fishing Appalachia

description: learn the secrets of baits, lures, and all sort of fish dinners with this quest. A new weapon, a new c.a.m.p item and lots of rad filled dinners.

A quiet place

INFO: the quests for this start at Ohio River Adventures​, here the players will find a tackle box with plans for a fishing rod, 10 stink bait, and a note leading to "a fishermans spot" ​​which will lead the players along the river to a new marked area just north of deathclaw island in what use to be outside the map. Said location will have several tents, a robot handy with two fishing rods and a saw instead of normal clamps. And two new "camp" fishing items. One being a fishing chair which must be placed aiming at the water. And the other being a net floated by 4 life preservers which can be placed in any water big enough.


  1. learn about the quiet place fishing spot
  2. find the quite place fishing spot form the clues in the notes (note would be a bit cryptic but would mention deathclaw island)
  3. talk to the Mr. handy called Mr. Fisher
  4. learn about fishing and how to do so.
  5. complete quest.


  • fishing rod called sports rod
  • fishing chair c.a.m.p item.


info: to fish all one has to do is either sit in fishing chair which has a fishing rod with it, and wait the character catching a rad fish every 3-5 minutes. gaining a "fishers calm" after catching one fish, Fishers calm increases PER and AGI by 1 for 60 minutes.


Alternatively the player can cast the sports rod at any body of water. Shoot casts, reload reals in. The rod will tug if something bites it in which case you have 3 seconds to real in before what ever it is gets away. Warning the sports rod can catch bigger fish, and even anglers and mirelurks so watch out when using it. Note sports rod uses stink bait or lures as ammo depending on its "hook mod" stink bait has a higher chance to spawn a hostile, lures are safer but only catch based rad fish.


note: only one example here, sorry.


info: the most common fish you can catch, gives 25 rads, 3% disease chance, and 10% food raw. When cooked gives 2 rads and 10% food.

dishes using

  • fish and chips: requires one rad fish, 2 tatos, 2 oil, and 1 wood. buffs strength and gives 0.02 HP regen.
  • Sushi: requires blood leaf, rad fish, and razor grain. fills 15% hunger. Only food item to not have to be cooked with wood.



info: a large fish tank filled with rad fish… just visual and they swim around in a loop. when destroyed they flop on the ground before becoming their dead prop counterpart.

​Floating fish catcher

info: produces 6 rad fish per hour, requires moderately deep water to place. is made of ballistic fiber and 4 life preservers. Yes it does require both to craft costing 4 life preservers and 10 ballistic fiber. Yes I know that is expensive but it is automating something that is meant to be slow.

Tackle box stash

info: a fishers tackle box filled with lures, stink bait, and even worms. or it would if you didn't fill it full of bits of glass, steal, and a few spare fusion cores.

lure weed

info: plant, requires water to place may attract anglers. IS used to craft high quality lures to catch things like golden or glowing fish.

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