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fallout 3 - Concept: Implants

Anyone who knows the fallout universe knows that cybernetics where a thing before the war. And are a thing in some parts of the wasteland where the more science minded lived. Well This is an idea for a future update which would add them to fallout 76. They would be the games version of Traits and with them you can do anything from bind a mutation with out needing the perk card. To replacing your skeleton with metal.

Arktos pharma, "the auto doc will see you now"

location: that machine shop area locked in from both sides and always on fire.
name: Supply BOT (the doctors never named it)

weapons: syringers pre modded
aid: all base aid with random rare aid items always has atleast one super stimpack.

plans: small lab item floor and appliances
mods: IMPLANTS, these are unique and mod the body. (info bellow)
ammo: syringer ammo.


each player has 4 implant slots, head, chest, arms, and legs. Players with 5 END have two chest slots, players with 5+ INT have two head slots. and players with 6+ Strength have 2 arm and leg slots. Meaning the max slots are 8. Note once you have two implants in a slot you can't lower that special bellow that point though going legendary will not remove implants just disable them till you hit the requirement.

EXAMPLE CHEST SLOT IMPLANTSsource for ideas: https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Implant

ARMOR implants: these are the cheapest implants and do the least. You can only have one armor implant per region. So you have to choose if you want the DR one the ER one or the RAD ONE, you can't have two of them.

Dermal impact armor : +15 DR, +5 ER. -10% max AP minus 2.5% AP regen rate. (this one can go in all but the head slot)

Phoenix armor implants : +5 DR, +15 ER, +10 explosive resist. Same down side.

trapper armor implants : +15 poison resist, and +50 rad resist. attack small predators (harder to sneak around mollrats, ticks, cave crickets, and rats)

BIO implants: These give some sort of perk and many allow you to geneticly lock in your mutations.


implants: For chameleon, scaled skin, shock, plague, and speed demon. You can lock those into the chest. (heard, egg head are head; marsupial is for legs; talons, twisted muscles are arms.)

pheromone glands: come in a few types, most animals except scorchbeasts have one, makes it so said animals are neutral to you at all times. The most common one is moll rat the rarest is mirelurk (cause it applies to the most animals)

cardiac booster: when low health AP regens 100% faster for 1 minute. (low health is counted as lower then 15% HP) AP regen disabled for 5 minutes after it is triggered

S.P.E.C.I.A.L implants: each slot has at least one SPECIAL IMPLANT taken strait from fallout 2 you can stack these unlike other implants but doing so is expensive as special booster implants cost the most each one having a major and minor version. Each slot has only a limited ammount and even through I am going over the chest slot hear I will do all of these with which slot they are for. each one has a bonus on top of their special.

Synthetic muscles: +1 or +2 strenght, Chest slot but is implied to be full body. bonus 10 to carry weight as well.

Optic enhancer: +1 or +2 perception, head slot. Has a unique feature when you have two being you can mod your eyes to have night vision or X-O1 type lights…. Glowing purple EYES.

Reinforced skeleton: +1 or +2 endurance, chest slot. Also cuts limb damage taken by 15%.

Empathy synthesizer: +1 or +2 charisma, head slot. moleminers have a 10% chance to be none hostile.

Logic processor: +2 INT, rare head slot. Built weapons always have 200% durability.

Reflex booster: +1 or +2 AGI, arms and legs. The only one you can stack to +4 other then that nothing.

Unkown implant: +1-5 luck at random. taking it out destroys all implants. luck bonus shifts once an hour. head slot.

Installing implants

info: in akto's pharma will be a set of 4 auto docs, to install an implant one must follow the following steps.

  1. select the mod you are installing
  2. put it, 2 super stims, and 4 med-x in an intake tray
  3. Step in the device
  4. listen to the machine work
  5. come out modded.

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