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Conclusion to Operation Tourniquet (A Secret Hiding in Plain Sight)

fallout 5 - Conclusion to Operation Tourniquet (A Secret Hiding in Plain Sight)

Over the course of the last month, a discord server worked to find a hidden ending to Fallout 76, by having all fissures closed simultaneously, through the use of Nukes. The idea originated from a reddit post by International_XT, which you can read here. After reading the post, a newspaper article, or a YouTube video about the post, a group of people gathered to form what is currently the Operation Tourniquet discord.

Our first attempt occurred on March 6th, and was run by one person, z3rosun, also known as kokatrix. His attempt successfully closed the fissures, but occurred on a strange server. There was a group of cargobots hovering over point pleasant, to anyone not on his server he appeared offline, and he ended up the only person on his server. At some point after this, a team of 6 from France did the same, although I have been unable to contact them to ask about server stability. You can read about this here.

Our next attempt occurred on March 10th, and was run by a group of people from the discord that I will list below. In it, we had a perfect server, but made a major discovery. The fissure sites reopened after a period of time, thus rendering the First and French attempts null. At the time, we believed the fissure duration to be 7 hours and 22 minutes. With that timing and perfect synchronization, we believed it was still possible.

Over the course of the next two days, we tested the fissures to determine how long they stayed open. Our tests showed that the northern most fissure would reopen after 5 hours, and the one south of Pumpkin House would reopen at the previously stated 7 hours and 22 minutes. But then, on March 12th, the first part of Wild Appalachia released. Servers became so unstable, that we were unable to remain on a server longer than 5 hours. This worsened around the time Quantum Armor was discovered, and stayed the same throughout the Fasnacht Parade. We asked Data Miners if they could find the timings for us, and they replied that it was handled server side.

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We made another attempt on March 17th, but the server crashed after two hours. However, the patch on March 26th improved server stability considerably.


On March 29th, we made what is now our final attempt. Our first nuke landed at about 2:50 PM EST, followed by two at about 3:10 EST. We nuked again at 6:16, 6:29, and 6:51. At 8:55, the first fissure site reopened, followed by the second two at 9:13. At this point we determined that during one of the patches between March 12th and March 26th, all fissure sites were set to open after six hours. I personally attempted to confirm this by waiting until 11:45, when the next one reopened. I cannot explain the half hour difference in timing, but can conclusively state that there is no way to have all fissures closed simultainously.

On our final run, we discovered that the map in the Enclave Bunker shows the status of all of the fissures and silos accurately. To test the server stability, we checked the cargobot graveyard, and found several hovering there. At one point, one of the team discovered that he was appearing as on the main menu, but the same glitch never occurred to us. As I checked the final nuke, I was the only one on the server as well, but I attribute this not to glitching but to it being roughly 7 AM in Eastern Europe, where the server was.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to all the people supporting us and following our story! We will continue to scour the changelogs and test the fissures to see if it ever changes, and if mod support releases, we would like the first shot at a modded version of it!

First Attempt: z3rosun/kokatrix Second Attempt: Yensen_22, SergeantPatriot/RED, Vekus, Simozzz, Dmcconnell7676, Avskum, YenSid2, Ioanalexandrugag, Achingnoodle, MilaySVK, JAXKSTER, RobertJFry Final Attempt: z3rosun/Kokatrix, coni28, Simozz, YenSid2 Support: JuiceHead, Machete83, djskidds, Eckserah, incendargaming, Zhyzhak, Triton Farms, International_XT I apologize if I forgot you, DM me and I’ll look into changing it.

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TL;DR- As of right now, there is no secret ending hiding in plain sight.

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