Concrete phase ends tomorrow. We have 4 million out of 150 million.

fallout 6 - Concrete phase ends tomorrow. We have 4 million out of 150 million.

Yeah, Bethesda fucked themselves with this. No one want's it, it offers shit rewards for long time players and a fucking hat an a shitty C.A.M.P item. That shit should have just been sold to us or been added to the game when the BOS arrive. No one want's a community grind event for rewards that are so inconsequential to what you are asked to give up.

For donating you get the crappy supply box, in the box the ONLY useful thing you can SOMETIMES get is a plan. Most if not all long time players have all these plans and have no reason for getting them again. You should have included the chance to get a legendary, like a 1 in 20 chance so people can't just spam it and sell them. But still a chance, so there was at least something useful coming out of this.

We will not be making the concrete deadline, or the Cork one. Do you know how hard it is to get those items?

Take concrete for example. have you played your own game lately? Do you know how you get concrete in game? Well, you need to find bags of it, or raw bricks of it. No other way as far as I know other than a concrete extractor that people under level 50 probably won't have or know how to use. Now, that's isn't so bad, you can get a fair bit like that, but it's kinda rare to get concrete bags in containers and from looting bodies, doesn't show up much. The other way is from finding the junk items laying around on the map, but again, they aren't everywhere, though when you do find them it tends to be in big bulk packs, but the issue being, if you make an event where people need concrete, people will go and take all the concrete from those locations, on every single god damn world you go it. There isn't concrete anymore. I go to where it should be, and it is gone, all of it. It's like trying to get Marine armour plans form Harpers.


Steel you get from pretty much every weapon in the game, always got lots of steel to spare. But concrete, nah, I need that to build. An CORK? Golf ball farming, I think some weapons have it too but not many.

What were you expecting to happen? Half the players don't want to do it, and the rest are either doing it, or ridding those people coat tails to get a dumb hat and a workshop item.

Edit: Fuck me I just check the site and saw that there is ANOTHER round of this shit coming until September 10th… Are you shitting me. You get another bos apparel item they again should be in base game and a protectron that collects scrap like ALL THE OTHER PROTECTRONS THAT COLLECT SCRAP, the legendary vendor is a little pointless for late gamers too as some have hundreds of legendaries they already don't use.

Take the S off the scrap and that's what this event is.

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