Constructing a maximally efficient Vault 88?

fallout 5 - Constructing a maximally efficient Vault 88?

I am sure I am not the first person to discuss this, but for me this is a new topic as this is my first time replaying Fallout 4 in many years and with all of the expansions. Vault 88, for example, is totally new to me. I think I may have replayed this once a couple of years ago after this came out, but I missed it entirely.

I have just finished the questline with Overseer Retardstow (whose corpse I dumped in one of the corpse filled tunnels before she could go out into the world and spread her evil). Just FYI: I completed everything humanely except for her gambling experiment where I chose "Customer Profiling" because I disagree that a gambling system where you win a lot and get addicted to gambling is "humane". Actually, gambling is bad for you and the REAL humane choice is the one which the odds are not changed. The gimmick of profiling is bad because that kind of authoritarianism is bad, but I just plan on having no casinos in my vault at the end of the day. Healthy medical bots, safe gym bikes, and energizing healthy drinks on the other hand will all make appearances in my vault.

I have cleared out the other tunnels, but frankly the main room is more than massive enough to make a great settlement assuming that this settlement is limited the same way other settlements are (maximum population 20-30 based on player Charisma bonus added to the base 10 maximum). I am just going to gate the entrances to those areas and leave them locked up with "construction" in progress posters. Good enough for government work.

So, I am looking for help, input, tips, and whatever else related you may think of to making a great Vault 88!

Oh, and before I forget, in normal settlements I use the following commands to increase building size.

getav 348 – Gets the current number of triangles used by player. getav 34A – Gets the current number of draw calls used by player.

setav 349 <value> – Set the maximum triangle budget for the settlement. setav 34B <value> – Set the maximum draw budget for the settlement.

However, when I tried to use the getav commands on the workshop for the vault the results were zero which left me very confused. I have already read about players reading their maximum building allowance in Vault 88 so I am confident I will eventually have to deal with this issue just like any other settlement, but I guess it works another way? If anyone knows how it works and how I can deal with this issue please let me know!

Anyway, the main area that I am building in has plenty of space. I kind of wanted to draft a blueprint using a program with grids. Does anyone have any recommendations? Otherwise I may end up getting out some actual pencil and paper… and buying one of geometry grid copybooks or something lol.


But without actually counting the floorspace for now (I made the other walls only so far), the base area is fairly large and the high ceiling of the cavern leaves enough room for up to 5 floors. Each upper floor has a bit less space, but I am not concerned by that as I don't think I need more than 2 floors but we will see.

The resource concerns are food, water, power, beds, and happiness. Oh, and defense. Let me know if I missed anything! Then I want to make a few logical additions like recreational spaces, work spaces, storage, lavatories, etc. Everything that makes it feel real but which the game won't require me to make.

Food: this one will be the most unique because in every other "normal" settlement I have created a farm. Here I will have to create some kind of hydroponics like we see in other vaults such as the rare function Vault 81? The problem with that is the hydroponics we see there is ridiculously small even for the tiny population. I think I want to generate a little bit of surplus food so at least 35-45 food for my expected 20-30 population. Therefore a large hydroponics will be critical.

Water: not worried about water at all. The super advanced water processing machine (AROM or whatever, I forget its name) kicks so much ass.

Power: Vault 88's vault reactor kicks my old nuclear reactor's ass! Not worried about this one either as a result. Just need to create a reactor room. There is already a default reactor with 150 power, but I think I will create another one for safety and redundancy.

Beds: I am thinking I will make dormitories similar in design to Vault 81. Essentially studio apartments designed for family units. A luxury considering the state of things in the Commonwealth Wasteland!

I am sure there are users out there who have spends 10s of hours making way more massive and elaborate vaults than I am endeavoring to create, but while my goals are modest I would like my vault to be better than… well,
ZXc4Wms - Constructing a maximally efficient Vault 88?

this. Just temporarily gave the 4 initial settlers some basic necessities. Just realised it's actually 3 since I killed that ridiculous ghoul. Aaaaaaaaanyway, moving on.

Also, I couldn't do anything with
the blackboard blueprint thingy other than scrap it. I actually wanted to store it and put it in my Overseer's office later… but the game didn't give me that option and I haven't found anywhere I can build it. Anyone know the item id or something? How can I build it or spawn it or whatever? It seems like the super cool sort of thing one could use to decorate the Overseer office.

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