Constructive Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Feedback

fallout 1 - Constructive Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Feedback

I have played the beta across 3 PCs now. My main rig has a 2700x and a 1080 ti, and the lowest spec is a laptop with 7700hq and mobile 1060 6gb. All PCs have experienced about the same issues being: 1) water being either entirely grey or nonexistent all together. The lack of water would show the entirety of the lake bed or River and anything "floating" on the "water" 2) the classic T posing ghouls and scorched 3) some enemies, I noticed mostly with ghouls, seem to physically move across the map at twice the speed that their animations would seem to indicate they were moving. I hope that makes sense, like the animation for one step would cause 2 steps worth of distance travelled. I don't think it's the weird framerate/physics issue because it happened to me at 40 fps and over 120 fps on different PCs. 4) occasional inability to quick loot, resolved by opening the transfer menu and looting trough that. That's pretty inconvenient in an online game 5) miscellaneous random frame drops that I couldn't notice a good reason for, not rendering anything in view that I thought would affect it so severely. Some we're definitely due to the amount of enemies in an outdoor area being too dense but some were seemingly random. 6) there seems to be a not insignificant amount of lag, or pause, after entering or leaving an instanced area of which I had taken damage on a few occasions 7) this may be a non-issue because I am not entirely sure how the PvP aspects are supposed to function but here's the story anyway. My base had been attacked by a player, I travelled there with my one party member. The attacker was retreating to his base, I pursued and engaged in combat. My partner followed and did minimal damage, I finished him off collected the bounty and junk. We fell back to my base as I stashed my winnings and the attacker had spawned back in, appearing nuetral. He then attacked my partner twice. The first for minimal damage, and the second shot was a kill. His level was 12 and my partner was 7. He did not become wanted afterward. So I guess I don't know if there is a retaliation aspect or if that was a glitch or what. 8) (Opinion) I think there should be some type of punishment for backing down in a PvP fight after the player has chosen to engage. I had entered a fight with a player, he shot back, we dueled for about twenty seconds. He the ran to heal, I hit him from range, he heals from a better angle and then bolts. It didn't seem worth the pursuit and that was that. It just felt pointless to chase him down for some if any junk, and there was no punishment for him running. 9) on two occasions I had a rifle briefly disappear from my inventory briefly. I opened and closed the pip boy a few times and it came back. 10) the game seems to underutilize the crap out of the PCs I was playing on. Floating around 50 to 60 percent CPU and GPU usage. With the framerate I was getting it felt bad knowing my PC was loafing around at half utilization.

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Overall the game certainly buggy, but I did have fun. I enjoyed the game a lot and had fun but it certainly lacked polish and honestly felt very early access like. I hate to critique it because I love the concept and I really wanted a new fallout story to discover, but I feel as if I should try to do my part as a participant in the beta. I have read and watched some reviews that really tore the game to shreds, and I don't mind people hating it but I hope Bethesda is able to take the criticism and feedback to fix the bugs and make the game a better experience for it's players. I know this is long, but I hope someone that can use this information to help improve the game. Thanks.

I may come back to add things I have forgotten.


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