Crafting station idea: Canning bench.

fallout 2 - Crafting station idea: Canning bench.

7ee669c2852b2c421ac943d277b31a7f - Crafting station idea: Canning bench.


Canning bench.

Function: can food items at this bench. Canned food items will not decay but loose some of their effectiveness after X time.

Canned food functions.CND: canned food lasts 2x as long as a soup, durning this time the food will give its full effect, but once it decays it will loose 10% of the foods effectiveness meaning a food that fills 10% hunger will only fill 9%

Canning requirements

, 4x purrified water, 5x wood, 1x pre war preservatives.

How to gain preservatives: on the canning bench would be a tab called, extract from here you can extract 2 or 4 pre war preservatives from any pre war food item except dog food which gives nuclear material. none rad foods give 4, while rad ones give 2.

Canning tabs

Canned foods: any and all prepped foods

canned soups: canned soups, are sepreate from prepped foods as they do not at any point loose their effectiveness

extraction: extracts preservatives from pre war foods.

Canned cooking: includes new foods that are exclusively canned.


home made dog foodrequires: 2 steel, 2 lead(can), 2 spoiled meat, 4 razor grain, 1 brahmin milk, 2 corn, 2 meat (any meat takes most common first) makes 4 cans of dog food which have a unique model of being a sealed can with a white paper liable.

food: its dog food same effects just different model.


requires: 2 steel, 2 lead, 8


note: is a junk item, that when scrapped gives 8 of that fruit of vegtable can be used to store things like firecracker berries and other rare things for crafting later.

note two: has a CND bar, once it hits 0 scrapping only gives 7 of the food that was used.

cake in a can

requires: 1 steel, 1 lead, 4 razor grain, 2 brahmin milk, 2 rad toad eggs, 2 mutfruit

food: 30%

buffs: +1 per, +1 strength, +2 Luck

CND drain: when CND hits 0 food goes down to 28% looses the +1 per and one luck point.


To the people wondering why I put a CND bar on this. The original idea was to keep things similar as even the new beers have a CND bar but yeah I realized that is stupid. Not going to remove it from the main idea, but I accept defeat on that.

For those wondering why I went Pre war preservatives instead of salt or just water like IRL canning. Concider the fact that we have radiation based diseases in fallout 76, yeah standard canning will not work do to the mutations in the world. The food that survives isn't canned food in the games it is the ones loaded with preservatives meaning something was destroying the food in the cans even 25 years after the bombs drop.

And anyone who has gotten an illness for just being near a diseased glowing animal through a wall can probibly guess why. IT might be a stretch but it fits.

Not only that but I think it would work for balance to require them as pre war food is quite rare, and salt is actually rarer. I want this to be rare but not to rare.

EDIT 2: Will likely remove the CND bar from the idea and replace with them just being 10% less effective and not having teh full special bonuses. Might also replace the table idea with it being unique to the cooking stove version of the cooking areas.

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