Crazy Dream….Potential Linear Fallout Game?

fallout 6 - Crazy Dream....Potential Linear Fallout Game?

Yes it was a dream. Yes I just woke up. So here is the skinny, Fallout Colorado mountain town. Pre war. You are a kid walking your town (teens). You meet your best friend (girl) and start to walk. Then the warning come in. The bombs are dropping. Estimated the town has maybe 10 minutes before a bomb hits the nearest major city. You get separated and end up under a house while people around you are freaking out. Bombs fall and the winds partially destroy the town. Just a little so the town is still mostly preserved. You wake up and crawl out, start walking. Find your friend and ask what are we going to do now? Cut to the POV character's Male sibling driving across the American Plains coming home. Just got outta the army. Bombs fall and you still a few hundred miles from home. You start walking encountering the insanity of the world right after the bombs fell. You encounter some of those crazy scenes where skeletons were in sad or crazy positions and get a quick glimpse of people right before death. Two people holding each other and their dog in their house, two kids who climbed up a telephone pole to get a better look at the end, etc. You make your way through denver where shit is really nuts, along the way you have been picking up weird signals from the military outposts that the mob has taken over the military. Finally you get to your hometown (think mini sandboxes or linear areas this far to get where you are going, Last of Us style). In your hometown you find the place is mostly preserved but socially wrecked. Your parents are gone. Start hunting for your sibling, using clues almost detective style to follow them (sibling and friend). You come across a military outpost that refuses to let you in unless you get authorization from the Boss (remember mob). Think kinda zany here. You don't know who the boss is, its nuts. One of the GIs is starting to turn ghoulish, remember early after the bombs fell so you are seeing people in various stages of glouling. He says the last transmission came from the mountains around location. You remember and old hunting cabin there. As you are going you find clues of your sibling and get flashbacks of their adventure so far, scavenging in the town, going to denver to get medical supplies, etc. Turns out the the sibling and friend were the ones who got on the radio and faked the mob transmission to the army outpost. Think cheesy voice of a general admitting the mob has take over. So along your you have starting encountering feral ghouls. You dont know who they are or what happened to them. The general idea for these early people is ghoul goes crazy and turns feral. Only a matter of time. You find your sibling and their sibling and friend. Turns out they had a romantic thing. They were going to denver to get rad meds for the friend who was starting to ghoul over. Your choice now is kill the friend before they go feral (remember you dont know ghouls can be normal yet) and betray your sibling or help them and remain outcasts from the town until peoe realize ghouls are ok?


Again dream I had last night. Thoughts?

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